Stone Object
An octagon-shaped stone with the Umbrella logo engraved on it.

Roentgen expositions that depict several human organs.

Slide Cartridge
A special cartridge that can filter certain films used in slide-projectors.

Laboratory Key
This key gains access to certain parts of the underground laboratory.

Empty Capsule
An empty capsule employed to carry dangerous substances.

Fuel Supply Capsule
Capsule filled with a nitroglycerin based substance.

Elevator Battery
A battery pack used to provide with energy the elevator that leads to the Helipad.

Old Keys
A series of old style keys employed to open certain doors at the mansion.

Signal Rockets
A set of aerial signal rockets.

Jewelry Box #2
A jewelry box with special switches of the Moon and Sun.

High-Voltage Key
A key inscribed with a danger symbol.

A set of regular batteries.

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