Lunar Crest
A stone inscribed with a MOON design.

Star Crest
A stone inscribed with a STAR design.

Sun Crest
A stone inscribed with a SUN design.

Red Book
A red book that seems part of a collection.

Key #001
A key inscribed with the numbers 001.

Control Room Key
The key of the Aqua-Ring control room.

Residence Key
A key inscribed with some writting.

Insecticide Spray
A pump-action insecticide spray.

Key #003
A key inscribed with the numbers 003.

Glass Bottle
A glass empty bottle that can be used to mix chemicals.

Helmet Key
A key inscribed with a HELMET design.

Stone & Metal Object
An object with an inscribed Umbrella metallic design, fitted into a golden colored stone ring.

Jewelry Box
A box commonly used to store jewelry or other precious objects.

Blue Gem
A diamond shaped gem.

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