Ink Ribbon
Using this on a typewriter will allow you to record your progress.

Golden Arrow & Arrowhead
Arrow with an emerald colored head made of a special stone.

The Book of Curse
A book that appears to have something attached on it's back

Sword Key
A key inscribed with a SWORD design.

Chemical Herbicide
A sack of herbicide commonly employed in gardening.

Old Shotgun
A broken down shotgun that is unusable.

Dog Whistle
A whistle that emits a sound that only dogs can hear.

Fuel Canteen
An empty canteen that can be used to carry kerosene.

Cigarette lighter.

Dog Collar
A dog's collar that is equipped with a switch.

Coin & Imitation of a Key
A coin that can transform to look like a key.

Armor Key
A key inscribed with a ARMOR design.

Wood Folder
A folder made out of wood.

Lure of a bee
A bee shaped lure.

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