Vise Handle
This tool will allow you to operate the vise.

Unity Tablet
A tablet depicting a knight. The word "Unity" is inscribed.

Obedience Tablet
A tablet depicting a slave. The word "Obedience" is inscribed.

Discipline Tablet
A tablet depicting a priest. The word "Discipline" is inscribed.

Duralumin Case
It's locked via a combination lock. Looking closely, you notice the numbers "385" written in the corner.

A standard-type battery. It can be used in a battery case of the same type.

Closet Key
It appears to be the key to a Closet.

Leech Capsule
The capsule appears to contain a specimen of a leech. The lid won't budge. Maybe it's sealed with some kind of special material.

Blue Leech Charm
A blue sculpture specially shaped in the form of a leech.

Green Leech Charm
A green sculpture specially shaped in the form of a leech.

Sterilizing Agent
A small tank containing a chemical agent that can be used to sterilize rooms contaminated by a virus.

Breeding Room Key
A key engraved with the visage of a hideous monster.

It looks like an ordinary dial similar to those found on safes.

Input Regulator Coil
Necessary to get the Cable Car moving again.

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