Ink Ribbon
Using this on a typewriter will allow you to record your progress.

Silver Ring
A finely crafted silver ring.

Gold Ring
A finely crafted gold ring.

Jewelry Box
It looks like a case for holding jewelry.

It appears to be locked. There are two holes that look as if they fit some kind of round object.

Ice Pick
An ice pick with a finely tapered point.

Panel Opener
Used to open the access panels in the floor.

A gun-like device used to fire grappling hooks.

Blue Keycard
This keycard is used unlock the electronic door to the lead car.

Magnetic Card
This keycard is used the bypass the security lock on the brakes.

Dining Car Key
The tag reads "Dining Car."

Conductor's Office Key
The tag reads "Conductor's Office."

Lighter Fluid
A container of lighter fluid.

Crank Handle
A crank handle with a square-shaped protrusion at one end.

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