10 years after the Raccoon City disaster, the biohazard threat has not ended. Just when it seemed that the menace of Umbrella Corp. had been totally destroyed, along comes a new terror that could top anything the evil corporation delivered in the past.

Returning hero Chris Redfield, is still on the trail of Umbrella. His determination in killing all remnants of the infamous corporation, has taken him all over the world.

As a member of a the B.S.A.A. unit (Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance), Chris now makes his way to Africa, where the discovery of the latest bioterrorism threat has unleashed a new type of evil upon humanity.

Along the way, he meets Sheva Alomar, a militant member of the the West African branch of the same organization Chris is working for. She brings her personal experience with a bio-terror incident to the mix. Her experience and fierce fighting abilities, makes her a formidable partner.

Both of them embark on a dangerous mission, trying to uncover the source of the emerging threat. Soon enough, they discover that the locals show definitive signs of being affected by the Las Plagas parasite described in the Kennedy Report. But there is a lot more behind it. Tricell, a new pharmaceutical corporation that is rumored to be actively developing bio-weapons, has established roots in the African continent. The president of the corporation, Excella Gionne, seeks to profit from the latest outbreak.

Making things worse, Excella has allied herself with a man with an even more sinister goal. A man that has an incredible thirst for power... and revenge. And who will stop at nothing to make sure he gets his way at any cost. He his someone that Chris Redfield knows all too well. And with whom he shares a grudge.

With each step taken to uncover the truth, our heroes come face to face with a grim reality. The fight to save humanity comes second to the one they must endure each day in a world that shows them no mercy. Chris and Sheva come to understand that their combined efforts cannot prosper for long against the opposition of many dark forces that have one thing in common, destroying humanity as we know it and replacing it with a brand new order.

It is at this point of his life, where Chris Redfield must overcome his lack of faith in the humanity that is destined for certain doom. And he must convince himself of any reasons that could motivate him to keep up the fight. Because to fight evil just for the sake of fighting it is not good anymore. To fight to save a humanity that has given up and embraced evil, becomes a painful endeavour. More so, when you happen to lose a love one during that fight...

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