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NOTE: Contains spoilers! Don't read if you haven't played the game!

Leon's Report

- The Village -

I received special training via a secret organization working under the direct control of the president. I was to assume the responsibility of protecting the new president's family.

It was right before I was to take on my duties of protecting the president's daughter when she was abducted. That's the ultimate reason I'm in this lonely, rural part of Europe.

According to our intelligence, there's reliable information of a sighting of a girl that looks very similar to the president's daughter. Apparently she's being withheld by some unidentified group of people. Who would have thought my first job would be a rescue mission?

Two local officers were assigned to take me to the group's village. When we reach the trail to the encampment, they appear afraid and nervous. And refuse to walk with me to investigate the woody area.

On route to the village, I find a small cabin on the side of the trail. The door is open and I proceed to enter it. Inside, there is a man who seems very occupied working the fireplace. He reacts badly to my presence and asks me to leave in his native language. As I try to exit the cabin, the man attacks me.

I had no choice but to fire at him in self-defense. I tried to disable him by shooting at his legs. But that wasn't enough to stop "him".

Others come running as they hear the gun fire. I hear them attacking the officers and their police vehicle. I try to go outside and help, but these maniacs come after me. Taking them down, is not easy. They have absolutely no fear of getting shot at and are quite resistant to pain.

It reminded me of the horrors that had occurred in Raccoon City... I thought the nightmares were over.

Flesh that knows no pain, strength beyond any human, it all seemed very familiar, too-familiar. But something was different, something about their eyes... inspite of all the madness there was something human still in them.

Heading down the path, I reach the village's entrance. Using my binoculars I study the locals. They appear normal at a distance. And yet, that notion goes out the window the moment my eyes see what is burning in the middle of the village. One of the police officers had been captured and was now hanging from a hook on a burning stake. It was like a bonfire from hell.

Enraged, I enter the village and try to find any signs of the President's daughter. I fear what these savages could've done to her. I sneak over to the entrance of a two-story house. Unfortunately, they spot me on the way in. Immediately, they come running armed with axes, hatchets and pitchforks.

I barricade myself in, only to find that they start hammering on the windows and the front door. The barricade won't hold for long. It was then that the hairs of the back of my neck stand as I hear one of them turning on a chainsaw. They weren't going to stop until they had me hanging from a hook like that police officer. And I sure as hell wasn't going to allow that.

From that moment on, everything became a blur. The wooden floors were permeated with blood. Pieces of flesh flew all about as I shot them at close range. They were oblivious to pain. Their bones cracked as they fell to the ground when I removed the ladders they climbed. And they would stand up to continue the fight. Anywhere I turned to run, they would follow. Their blood-shot eyes, full of hate.

Just as everything seemed bleak, a distant bell was heard. It was a church bell. As soon as the villagers heard it, they dropped their tools and weapons. And proceeded to leave, while I looked on in amazement.

I went back to the two-story house and examined one of the bodies of these villagers. Could they be... No they're different... they're not zombies.

Then what are they?... What happened here?.

- The Church -

I found her... She was held captive in the church beyond the graveyard. She seems a bit shaken but in reasonably good health. However, I learned that she might not be entirely well. I won't know for sure until I take her back to base.

A strange hooded man named Osmund Saddler was keeping her hostage. He claimed to be responsible for the kidnapping and was planning to make a bargain with the President. His daughter's life, in exchange for money. "Donations" as he called it. Donations for his so called religious community.

But what now worries me, is that he mentioned something about injecting Ashley with a "gift"... and he confirmed what I've been suspecting. I have this "gift" as well. That's why the "Big Cheese" let me live when I stormed his house... because like he said: "You carry the blood as us it seems". Hell, even Hunnigan suspected it. What we don't know is, what was this "gift" they injected us with?. Whatever it is... it can't be good.

- The Castle -

Luis Sera, the ex-cop I first met near the village, seems to know a lot about our condition. He knows we are "carriers". It seems Saddler implanted us with eggs of those parasites, and the eggs have already hatched. Luis went back to fetch a drug that will delay the growth of the "Las Plagas" embryos. Ashley's coughing is getting worse. And I'm not doing too well either. He better hurry up.

Seeking refuge in this Castle was a big mistake on my part. It's overrun by "Los Iluminados". Now Saddler has hijacked my line with HQ's and going back is out of the question. We'll have to press on and try to find a way to freedom through this castle.

- Munition Display Room -

I've learned that Ada Wong is indeed active and is currently working with Wesker. That bastard must be trying to get his hands on the parasite. And now Ada is here doing his dirty work. Why is she doing it? Is she trying to pay him back for having saved her life? I hope she realizes that he only did it because she was still useful to him. Anyway, I'm glad to see her again.

Luis has been killed by Saddler. And now he has the sample Luis was trying to escape with. Rain or shine, I'll retrieve it. And I will make that old man pay for what he did to him.

- Catacombs -

I visited the mines where the Ganados are still excavating the fossil remains of the parasite. According to some of Luis Sera's research files I've found, the Iluminados are using the fossils to obtain a spore like substance that produces the "Las Plagas" parasite in living organisms.

By the way... There is a subterranean city below the Castle. Part of it looks very ancient. I was able to see some wall inscriptions and engravings that depicted Babylonian winged creatures. I guess it was only natural, considering the place is infested with winged Novistadors.

I'm still trying to find the "offering to the lion" or key device that I need to reach Salazar's Tower.

- Salazar's Tower -

Riding a mine cart, I was able to reach the surface again. And using a key device that I found in the Catacombs, it was possible for me to enter a hall that is near Salazar's Tower. I made my way to the tower, where I suspected Ashley was being held prisoner. Salazar himself confirmed this. So there was no other option but to reach the top and rescue her.

Unfortunately, I was too late. Ashley had been taken to an island. I've taken care of Salazar and his "left hand". Poor sap, he never did realized that Saddler played him like a fiddle. Now I'll have to find a way to get to the island.

- Boiler Room -

I found Ashley, only to lose her again to Saddler. It seems that the parasite inside her is developing fast. Saddler has complete control over her. I'm still trying to hang on. But I suspect it won't be long before I turn into one of his puppets. Gotta find a cure fast!

- Saddler's throne Room -

I've run into a "ghost" today. Never expected to see Krauser again. He always was full of surprises and he didn't disappoint. He admitted that it was him who had originally kidnapped Ashley. It was a ploy to gain Saddler's trust. It was a useless gesture, though. The old zealot can't stand Americans.

What was more revealing was the fact that Krauser is on this crazy crusade to revive Umbrella. I don't know much details about his plans. But is a no brainer that it has something to do with getting a hold of Saddler's "Las Plagas" sample.

I'll make sure he never gets it.

- Island Stronghold -

It appears that Krauser is dead. The fool sold his soul to Umbrella and ended going down in flames like that murderous corporation. I'll be lying if I said that he'll be missed.

- Forgotten Tomb -

Damn! I've been so occupied trying to stay ahead of my enemies, that I forgot to take Sera's anti-parasite drug. I almost killed Ada... that is, the "parasite" almost killed her. It's starting to manifest itself through me.

Good thing Ada knows how to take care of herself.

I'm still depressed about Mike. That bastard had him killed! Saddler will feel my wrath!

I better get a hold of myself. If I don't find Ashley fast... it will be too late.

( The rest of the pages are missing... )

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