Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles is a game created exclusively for the Wii game console.

The game is being produced by Masachika Kawata, the man behind the adaptation of RE4 for the Wii game console.

The game explains the back story behind the fall of the Umbrella Corporation by exploring locations from Resident Evil 0, 1, 2 and 3 as well as new never-before-seen locations, such as Umbrella’s stronghold.



  • The Umbrella Chronicles runs in 480p and 16:9 widescreen at a fluidity of 30 frames per second.

  • Capcom managed to incorporate incredible lights and shadow effects in the environments of the game. The particles effects like that of doors splintering, windows breaking apart, bullets lining walls, add a lot to the atmosphere.

  • The backgrounds despite being in 3D, are detailed and include interactive elements that enhance the realistic feel. You can gun down paintings (they'll eventually fall off the walls) and even blow apart chandeliers, which may fall from the ceiling and land on enemies if timed correctly.

  • Animations are smooth and the characters and objects project shadows on the walls and walkways.

  • Some of the world and character textures blur up close. Many of the environments seem to be lifted directly from previous RE games.

  • :: GAME PLAY ::

  • To play, you point the Wii remote at the television screen and blast zombies as the first-person view camera takes you through the eerie locales. But you can use nunchuk's analog stick to look around the game world -- left, right, up and down -- as you glide on-rails through the areas. You'll want to do this because it's how you find the hidden items such as guns, ammo, files and health that are strewn about the levels.

  • In this game, the knife is an important weapon. It's very effective against close encounters with certain enemies. You employ your Wii remote to simulate using the knife, slashing in real-time at the enemies on screen.

  • At certain points of the game, you can choose what path you want to investigate. It will take more than a second run to uncover everything included in the game. Thus adding a lot of replay value to the mix.

  • The characters don't really have different abilities, although they use unique weapons. You'll see them in brief cut-scenes as they interact with each other -- you might be controlling Chris, but Jill could be fighting alongside you during a sequence. You'll also see them during contextual maneuvers -- when hordes of zombies approach, you can then activate the Quick Action Buttons to counter their attacks, at which point the camera will pan back to show your character send a powerful attack their way, knocking the enemies down. Each character has a unique counter attack.

  • The game features different difficulty levels. For casual gamers, simply beating the game will be enough. However, for the experienced crowd The Umbrella Chronicles offers a great challenge in the unlocking of different levels, weapons and options that can only be achieved by dedicated gamers.

  • The game runs between 8 and 15 hours long. Making it longer than the typical on-rails shooters that averages between 1/2 hour or 1 hour long. In fact, it's longer than most RE games (they last about 2-3 hours long). Except for Code Veronica and RE4, which averaged between 15-26 hours long.

  • This is how the critics scored RE:UC
    Cheat Code Central 86 points ( Out of 100 )
    GamePro 85 points ( Out of 100 )
    Game Informer 83 points ( Out of 100 )
    GameTrailers 83 points ( Out of 100 )
    Famitsu 8-8-8-8 points ( Average score: 8 )
    The New York Times 80 points ( Out of 100 )
    Thunderbolt Games 80 points ( Out of 100 )
    IGN 7.9 points ( Out of 10 )
    1UP 75 points ( Out of 100 )
    Gamers Temple 7.4 points ( Out of 10 )
    GameSpot 70 points ( Out of 100 )
    Game Daily 70 points ( Out of 100 )
    Worth Playing 70 points ( Out of 100 )



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