In July 1998, a special tactics unit known as Alpha team was assigned to investigate the disappearance of sister team, Bravo. The unit had been sent to investigate a series of bizarre murders occurring near and around the Raccoon Forest. The Alpha team lands in the forest and begins searching for clues that could lead to the missing team. As they look around, the unit is attacked by a blood thirsty pack of dogs. The founder and commander of Alpha Team, Albert Wesker, orders his subordinates to quickly seek refuge inside a mysterious Mansion in the middle of the forest. What they don't know, is that the Mansion holds dark and terrible secrets. And only a few of them will live long enough to tell the tale...


Chris Redfield

Age: 26

A member of the special tactics force S.T.A.R.S., Chris is tough as nails and is very good at handling firearms. A former Air Force pilot, he's a top-notch airman. He is a good friend of Barry Burton, who helped him join Albert Wesker's tactical force unit.

Jill Valentine

Age: 23.

Jillian was part of the Green Berets and later joined the U.S. Delta Force, working as a female spy in intelligence services. It was in that line of work that she earned the "Master of Unlocking" nickname. She didn't worked there for long, though. She became a proud S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team member, where she displayed a strong sense of justice and moral conviction.



The graphics have that old 1990's pixelated look to them. The same look of those first generation PSOne games. The graphics aren't truly an eye sore, but by present standards it could be an issue for some players. On the positive side, the game does exhibits plenty of detailed scenery and the character models look pretty decent.

The top screen of the DS is used to display a map of the area you're currently in. It also shows the weapon your character has equiped and the amount of ammo it still has available. The screen below is used for the actual gameplay and to interact at certain points using the touch-screen.

All the original FMV cut-scenes are included in Deadly Silence. They run with a black frame around them, though. Probably to make them run at an acceptable frame rate.

Deadly Silence includes a new first person perspective, that is activated when attacking foes with the knife.


You control the character using the D-pad, in the same way you did in the original PSOne version. The stylus and the touch pad are used to interact with certain objects, like when solving puzzles or opening treasure chests.

The built in microphone of the DS is used to perform certain actions. For instance, you can blow into it to revive a fallen teammate or to blow out candles in a puzzle.

You can play either in Rebirth mode or Classic mode.

Rebirth mode allows you to enjoy a remake of the classic game, that includes more than 50% of new material. Like new puzzles, new story segments and even a new boss! Classic mode offers you the exact game experience you played in the original 1996 PSOne game.

In terms of extras, you can unlock a mini-game called "Master of Knifing" and play an offline multiplayer game in VS. or cooperative modes. Both offer challenging hours of gameplay and even the possibility of unlocking new stuff.

Deadly Silence was released on the 10th anniversary of the original release of Resident Evil 1.


This is the European commercial that promoted the sale of Resident Evil Deadly Silence on the Nintendo DS (Please wait for the video to load up....)



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