Experience a brand new chapter in Capcom's classic horror survival series, Resident Evil. Now a desperate fight for survival takes place aboard the luxury cruise-liner Star Light, that is overflowing with a host of deadly zombies.

There is no escape. As S.T.A.R.S. operative Barry Burton, it's up to you to help Leon S. Kennedy, locate and rescue a young survivor named Lucia and disable a new deadly Bio-Organic Weapon.

With countless traps to avoid, rooms to explore,puzzles to solve and mysteries to uncover, each lurking horror survived will take you closer to the source of the Resident Evil.

Survival is your only option.


Barry Burton

Former member of S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team who during the Spencer Mansion incident betrayed his own partners. He eventually redeemed himself by saving Jill Valentine's life when she was about to get killed by the team's commander, Albert Wesker. After the terrible events in the mansion, Barry took his wife and two daughters to live in Canada. That was done to keep them safe from harm. But he didn't stay with them for long, for he quickly returned to join Chris Redfield in doing missions against umbrella. To help with their missions, Leon S. Kennedy who had himself joined an anti-Umbrella agency, provided Barry and Chris with information on the corporation's movements. Leon's agency contacts Barry when they lose contact with the former police officer during a mission on a luxury ocean cruiser. Barry agrees to locate Leon S.Kennedy and eliminate a new type of B.O.W. created by Umbrella.

Leon S. Kennedy

Former Raccoon City police officer who secretly joins an anti-Umbrella agency. Leon is sent on a mission to a cruise-liner in order to destroy a new type of Bio-Organic Weapon (B.O.W.) developed at Umbrella Labs and that had previously escaped. As Leon begins tracking the B.O.W., the agency he was working for loses contact with him. His last report came in over 24 hours ago.


  • 2 gameplay modes: top down exploration & first person combat mode.

  • 100 rooms to explore: 4 decks on a luxury cruise-liner and 1 submarine in 11 locations.

  • More than 100 objects, weapons and armor to collect and use.

  • Intelligent enemies detect you using sight and field of view.

  • You can hear zombies groan has they come near you.

  • Play as one of 3 characters to fend off hordes of mutant zombies

  • Playable on GameBoy Color; Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS handheld systems.

  • Controversy over Gaiden's Epilogue

    The ending of Resident Evil Gaiden has sparked much debate among fans mainly because it shows a close-up of Leon's neck bleeding green blood, indicating that he was infected by a virus before Barry came to rescue him, thus we're led to believe that Leon either died or became a zombie. Thus making it impossible for the character to show up in Resident Evil 4. This is a very popular theory of the game's ending, but it is not a theory based on actual facts explained in the game.

    In the game's storyline, the B.O.W. is featured as a new type of amoeba-like creature that tends to imitate humans and he does this several times throughout the game. It is important to take note of the fact that the B.O.W. does not need to kill the original organisms in order to imitate them perfectly. Proof of this fact is that both Leon and Lucia were imitated by the creature at different points of the game's story. In such instances, both of the characters survive and can be seen very much alive in the rest of the game.

    A relevant event within the game, occurs when headquarters contacts Barry Burton and informs him of a way to identify the B.O.W. Monster. It is explained to him that the creature emanates green blood when wounded. Another important clue given in the game, is that when the Parasite B.O.W. infiltrates a human body to live inside of it, the human host will always bleed red blood and not green blood. Only the parasite itself will have green blood. The color of the blood even plays a relevant role in the game when Barry has to identify the real Lucia from the fake one, near the game's epilogue.

    Therefore, if all these clues are considered, it is understood that at the game's ending we're actually seeing the B.O.W. imitating Leon and the green blood on the creature's neck was actually given prominence on screen in order to emphasize that very point. The way how the "real" Leon survived the sinking of the Starlight ship, is something the game does not answer.

    In any case, most fans will disregard Resident Evil Gaiden's plot line because of the cryptic ending and also due to the game's title: Gaiden, which literally means "Another Story". However, it is important to take notice that Shinji Mikami (Resident Evil creator) is credited in the game as an advisor. Thus he had to approve the story.



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