Code: Veronica X

Set 3 months after the destruction of Raccoon City, the story takes off with Claire Redfield storming Umbrella's headquarters. The corporation's security forces fight back and they eventually take her prisoner and proceed to hold her captive at Rockfort Island. The isolated island suddenly fall prey of a terrible outbreak, where the T-virus infects and mutates everything in it's path. Claire must now fight for her survival once again as she battles new and old foes.

In this new nightmare, Chris Redfield returns to meet up with her younger sister Claire. Unknown to him, he's being hunted down by a powerful adversary... who also return seeking revenge!


Claire Redfield

Age: 19

This young college student and motorcycle enthusiast, has an unnatural knack for blasting enemies with advanced weaponry and surviving almost anything despite having no substantial military training. She is continuing her search for her missing brother, Chris. Her other great motivation for putting her life on the line, is her desire to destroy Umbrella.

Chris Redfield

Age: 26

A member of the special tactics force S.T.A.R.S., Chris is tough as nails and is very good at handling firearms. A former Air Force pilot, he's a top-notch airman. After surviving the mansion incident, he traveled to Europe with Barry Burton to seek the truth about Umbrella's operations.


  • Every version of Resident Evil Code: Veronica X can trace it's origins to the Japanese version of the game (Biohazard Code: Veronica Complete Edition) created specifically for Dreamcast. There is very little difference between all the versions of the game available for several systems. The game uses 3D environments instead of pre-rendered backgrounds.

  • Because this port does not make use of the power of the GameCube and looks a bit dated by present standards, it received mostly mediocre reviews from critics. However, the game itself still rules.


  • The game is compatible with GCN's analog stick and D-pad. It also offers rumble functions.
  • The control system is similar to RE2's. However, there are some elements that came from RE3. Like the possibility to turn around a full 180 degrees.
  • Characters can hold two guns in each hand, Tomb Raider style.
  • There are unlockables, such as an arcade mode mini-game that allows you to unlock new guns and additional characters. New costumes are also unlockable.

    This is the official Japanese advert that promoted the release of Resident Evil Code: Veronica Complete for the Dreamcast & PlayStation 2 game consoles, on March 22nd. 2001.



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