It's been six years since the "incident" in Raccoon City. Leon Scott Kennedy, then a rookie cop, witnessed a virus developed by the Umbrella Corp. turn the residents of the city into hordes of undead zombies.

Escaping the carnage, Leon watched as the federal government destroy the city via a nuclear bomb.

After years of climbing the system's ladder, Leon finds himself a member of the highest ranking agency of the Presidency; the secret service. His first assignment is to protect the President's daughter, Ashley Graham. But as fate would have it, things have taken a turn for the worse.

Ashley has been abducted and taken to a small European Community. Single handily tracking her down, Leon comes across a village of the damned, filled with insane locals and creatures that defy the laws of nature. The ones responsible: a sinister cult that goes by the name of "Los Illuminados".

As Leon encounters unimaginable horrors, he must find out who or what is behind everything.


  • Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition features the amazing visuals of the GameCube original and therefore boasts unsurpassed visuals with breathtaking 3D graphics and effects.

  • The environments are breathtaking, from the frightening castle to the all too peaceful house, each area is alive with tension and beauty.

  • All of the cinematic portions of the game are in-game cut scenes generated in real-time.

  • Highly detailed character models move with fluid animation. Secondary characters and enemies are also painstakingly detailed and they move and animate to perfection.

  • The game runs at a smooth 30 fps with no drop at all.

  • :: GAME PLAY ::

  • Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition improves on the old control system, making it superior with the addition of the Wii remote. You control Leon with the nunchuk's analog stick, Z button is held to run and you can press the C button to draw Leon's knife, although that is not necessary because you can simply shake the Wii remote at any time to slice and dice. The - button brings up Leon's inventory, the map is assigned to the 1 button and game options are linked to the 2 button.

  • When Leon must run from a rolling boulder, the only way to survive is to shake the Wii remote left and right. Meanwhile, you'll need to rapidly tap A, B, or both in order to avoid certain environmental traps.

  • There is an in-game mini-game were you can practice your aim and earn special prizes.

  • Behind the camera view follows Leon’s every move and allows for intuitive movement.

  • Never before seen enemies with advanced AI.

  • Resident Evil 4 has over 20+ hours of gameplay

  • The environments are interactive. You can break down doors, windows and other objects.

  • Sound plays a vital part of the gameplay. You can hear enemies as they run or walk in your direction. And they can also hear you when you walk, run or even take a breath! RE4 has the best quality thanks to Dolby Pro logic II.


  • "Professional Mode" - You can finish the game to unlock this mode where the enemies and Bosses are more agressive and even change their attack tactics.

  • "Mercenaries" - An arcade style mini-game where you can unlock secret weapons for the main game and also secret characters to use in the mini-game.

  • "Assigment Ada" - A special mini-game where you play as Wesker's favorite spy and you try to collect 5 samples of "Las Plagas".

  • "Separate Ways" - A special mini-game where you play as Ada Wong. The game is 3-5 hours long and was originally included in the PS2 version of RE4.

  • "Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles" trailer- A special look at the exclusive RE title for Wii.

  • You can unlock new costumes & weapons for the main protagonists and a new interactive menu screen.

  • This is how the critics scored RE4: Wii EDITION
    Game Informer 95 points ( Out of 100 )
    Computer & Video Games 9.3 points ( Out of 10 )
    GameSpy 5 points ( Out of 5 )
    EGM 8.67 points ( Out of 10 )
    IGN 9.0 points ( Out of 10 )
    GameSpot 9.1 points ( Out of 10 )
    Official Nintendo Magazine 94 points ( Out of 100 )
    1up.com 80 points ( Out of 100 )
    Eurogamer 7.0 points ( Out of 10 )



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