Resident Evil 3

2 months have passed since the Spencer Mansion incident. The intrepid Jill Valentine fights to remain alive as she tries to find a way out of zombie infested Raccoon City. During her escape, she encounters 3 surviving members of a special Umbrella unit. The 3 survivors are Carlos Olivera, Mikhail Victor and Nicholai Ginovaef.

The game takes place 24 hours before the events in Resident Evil 2 and also 24 hours after those events. The storyline expands upon the settings and events of the T-Virus outbreak in Raccoon City and concludes with the final fate of the city and its infected population.


Jill Valentine

Age: 23

Jillian was part of the Green Berets and later joined the U.S. Delta Force, working as a female spy in intelligence services. It was in that line of work that she earned the "Master of Unlocking" nickname. She didn't worked there for long, though. She became a proud S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team member, where she displayed a strong sense of justice and moral conviction.

Jill survived the Spencer Mansion catastrophe only to find herself stuck in Raccoon City, a town filled with killer zombies. She must now seek a way out of that nightmare all the while being hunted down by Umbrella's latest creation: The Nemesis!


  • This game is a port of the Playstation 1 original. However, the GCN version is actually better visually than any version currently available. The backgrounds are sharper and the character models are well defined. There is very little of the choppy animation and blocky characters found in the PS1 version. Even the Dreamcast version falls short, graphics wise. Still, you wished that Capcom had used some of GCN's power to make the game look more up to date.

  • Because this port does not make use of the power of the GameCube and looks very dated by present standards, it received mostly negative reviews from critics. Consider that fact when you look at the port's scores seen at the bottom of the page.


  • The game is compatible with GCN's analog stick and D-pad. It also offers rumble functions.
  • This was the first RE game that centered on one main playable character (Jill Valentine). However, you get to use a secondary character to accomplish certain objectives in a short section of the game.
  • Features a new boss-like enemy: Nemesis. An experimental model programmed by Umbrella to hunt down members of S.T.A.R.S.
  • Live Selection - Feature that allows the gamer different options to continue with the game. Depending on the choices you make, it has an effect on the story and ending.
  • Emergency Dodging - move that allows the player to dodge enemy attacks, or even push zombies away if the player hits the action button a split second before the enemy's attack connects.
  • Ammunition creation system - new feature where ammunition can be created from gun powder through the bullet casing reload tool or by combining different types of ammunition.
  • Randomization - feature in which item and enemy placement, as well as puzzle solutions and cutscenes, change during gameplay.
  • Operation Mad-Jackle - mini-game that you can unlock.
  • There are many things to unlock, like unlimited ammo guns, new costumes and special Epilogues.
    This is how the critics scored: RESIDENT EVIL 3 (GCN)
    GamePro 4.0 points ( out of 5 )
    IGN 5.0 points ( out of 10 )
    Gamespot 4.7 points ( out of 10 )
    GameSpy 2.0 points ( out of 5 )
    GCN users 81% ( approval rating )

    This is the official Resident Evil 3: Nemesis video released in Japan and that promoted the release of said game on the PSX. (Please wait for the flash video below to load):



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