In July 1998, a special tactics unit known as Alpha team was assigned to investigate the disappearance of sister team, Bravo. The unit had been sent to investigate a series of bizarre murders occurring near and around the Raccoon Forest. The Alpha team lands in the forest and begins searching for clues that could lead to the missing team.

As they look around, the unit is attacked by a blood thirsty pack of dogs. The founder and commander of Alpha Team, Albert Wesker, orders his subordinates to quickly seek refuge inside a mysterious Mansion in the middle of the forest.

What they don't know, is that the Mansion holds dark and terrible secrets. And only a few of them will live long enough to tell the tale...

Take the role of operative Jill Valentine or Chris Redfield and uncover the secrets behind a radical, genetic research facility.


  • Features highly realistic ‘in-game’ graphics. A first for the series!
  • Lifelike and highly detailed character models move with fluid animation. Motion-capture technology was employed.
  • Features impressive atmospheric effects, such as lighting, wind and rain.
  • Special filters were used to give the game a "creepy" look.
  • Includes more than 70 hours of Full motion and real-time cut scenes.

  • :: GAME PLAY ::

  • The game has better controls than past games. It allows the gamer to choose between different types of control schemes.
  • Similar to what happened in RE3, your character can turn 180 degrees to face the opposite direction. In Re-make it is done with a quick flick of the C-stick.
  • It includes a new storyline and enemies. Including a new Boss.
  • The game features new areas to explore. And the "old" areas offer a few surprises to veterans of the original.
  • Veterans will notice that the enemies start to come from different places and at different times compared to the original game.


  • You can unlock new costumes, weapons and bonus material when you finish the game at different times and levels of dificulty.
  • This is how the critics scored: RESIDENT EVIL 1 GCN
    Game Informer 9.25 points ( Out of 10 )
    EGM magazine 9.20 points ( Out of 10 )
    GameSpy 9.10 points ( Out of 10 )
    IGN 9 points ( Out of 10 )
    GMR Magazine 9 points ( Out of 10 )
    Game Revolution A- ( same as 90.0% )
    GamePro 4.5 points ( Out of 5 )



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