A small mid-western town in America: Raccoon City.

A solitary island far off in the sea: Rock Fort Island.

An island that would become the second Raccoon City: Sheena Island.

There are still many unanswered questions about these seemingly unrelated and yet intensely traumatic events. Though it is believed that the international enterprise, Umbrella was somehow involved, little is known as to the origin of this faceless corporation.

When was it established?... By whom?

And how was the T-Virus created?

To uncover the truth, we must delve deeper into the events which transpired in the beginning before the mansion incident...

...and it all begins with Resident Evil Ø!


  • Features highly realistic ‘in-game’ graphics.
  • Pre-rendered backgrounds of the same high quality seen in the previous Resident Evil, but with the inclusion of panning camera angles.
  • Lifelike and highly detailed character models move with fluid animation.
  • Features impressive atmospheric effects, such as lighting, wind and rain.
  • Full motion cut-scenes blend in with the ‘in-game’ graphics.

  • :: GAME PLAY ::

  • Innovative “partner zapping” allows players to swap between the two main characters for all new team based tactics.
  • Billy and Rebecca must co-operate to solve puzzles, swap items and defeat rooms filled with enemies.
  • Classic Resident Evil gameplay is back, with suspense and action, puzzles to solve and countless horrors waiting around every corner.
  • For the first time players can now drop items where ever they want, instead of having to backtrack to the last Item Box.


  • Multiple costumes for Billy and Rebecca to wear once players earn the closet key for completing the game.

  • Leech Hunter mini-game. Billy and Rebecca must search the Umbrella Training Facility to find 50 leech charms each and escape the facility. Earn different rankings to unlock extra guns with infinite ammo.

  • Obtain high ranks for completing the game as fast as possible to unlock machine guns and a rocket launcher.
  • This is how the critics scored: RESIDENT EVIL Ø
    GameZone 9.3 points ( Out of 10 )
    Game Informer 9.25 points ( Out of 10 )
    GamePro 4.5 points ( Out of 5 )
    Games Domain 4 points ( Out of 5 )
    EGM magazine 8.33 points ( Out of 10 )
    IGN 8.2 points ( Out of 10 )
    GameSpot 8.0 points ( Out of 10 )



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