Where did Leon's jacket go?

Gamers who played Resident Evil 4 became dissapointed when Leon lost his cool bomber jacket early in the game. Some wondered what happened to it.

Well, thanks to the mini-game Separate Ways, we learn that a certain Ganado not only took the jacket but was running around wearing it like if it was his! Damn!

A homage to Donkey Kong in Resident Evil 4?

In episode 4.4 of Resident Evil 4, Leon must infiltrate Salazar's tower in order to save Ashley, who is being held hostage at the very top of the tower. To reach the top, the American agent must climb a big spiral staircase. However, enemies at the top activate a mechanism that releases several barrels that roll down the staircase, in sequence. Leon then has to run pass the barrels and avoid being crushed by them.

Now, all that plays as a homage to the classic arcade game, Donkey Kong. In that game, Jumpman (a.k.a. Mario) must climb several levels from a building in order to rescue Pauline, his girlfriend, who is being held captive by a gorilla named Donkey Kong.

To stop Jumpman from reaching the top of the building, Donkey Kong drops several barrels, that begin rolling downward in sequence.

A homage to the Resident Evil movie in RE4?

Think what you may about Paul W. S. Anderson's Resident Evil movie, but it seems that it had an impact on the creators of RE4.

So much so, that they included a small section where Leon must deal with a laser grid trap that is identical to the one featured in the movie.

Yoshiki Okamoto, the ex-General Manager of Capcom once made this comment about that very part of the movie:

"(The) scene with the laser trap... It's unfortunate that the characters in the (R.E.) games can't jump. So we can't use that in a (Resident Evil) game."

Heh! heh! Well, thanks to RE4... now they can jump!

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