Number of copies of Resident Evil sold

According to Capcom's Platinum Series Report for January 17th 2007, there have been 1.250.000 copies of the game sold so far.

How far in development was the N64 version of Resident Evil before the project switched to GCN?

For the N64, the game was barely 40% complete. Most of the train part was finished.

How come Rebecca looks different in the RE-make?

The character's model was re-designed specially for the prequel. Her features are a bit more Japanese/oriental in RE0.

What's up with Billy's tattoo?

Well, it reads "Mother Love" and it's suppose to be a reference to Queen's "Mother Love" album. If you don't know Queen, you're probably too young to be playin' RE games.

Claire's vest, the one with the "Made in Heaven" design and Chris's leather jacket with the "Let Me Live" design, are also references to the same album. Just so you know.

How come Rebecca doesn't explain to Chris in RE-make, what she went through in RE?

I guess because she's just too busy dealing with what is happening to her during her stay at the Mansion. Besides, she wanted to keep secret her partnership with Billy Coen. Nobody from S.T.A.R.S. was suppose to know about that. Ever.

Why no Crimson Heads in RE?

Shinji Mikami explained that they were deliberately left out of the game, due to the relatively short period of time that Rebecca and Billy spend in any one location.

What's up with the "A Verse of Poetry" file?

It's a VERY weird way of giving you a hint about what you should do in the Observatory.

The Observatory is a place where you watch celestial bodies. In the poetry file, it mentions 3 celestial bodies that perform certain "actions". These actions are directly related to the inscriptions on the 3 tablets you must use in the Observatory.

So, in the poetry piece, the 3 celestial bodies relate to the 3 tablets as follows:

1.- The Moon bows to the Earth (That is a reference to the Discipline Tablet).

2.- The Earth swears loyalty to the Sun (That is a reference to the Obedience Tablet).

3.- And the great Law of the Sun Governs all things (That is a reference to the Unity Tablet).

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