NEWS: 28.04.09 NEW Darkside Chronicles Trailer and Screens!

At the recent Captivate '09 event held last week in Monte Carlo - Monaco, Capcom unvailed a brand new Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles trailer.

To see the trailer, just follow the link below:

Darkside Chronicles (Trailer #2)

Aside from that, they released a bunch of new screenshots from the game.

Several gaming sites have posted their impressions of what they saw at Captivate '09 in regards to Darkside Chronicles. Check out the links below to read a few of them:

ign.com (Preview)

g4tv.com (Impressions)

SOURCES: ign.com, g4tv.com

NEWS: 24.04.09 The Darkside Chronicles Official site updated!

The official Japanese Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles website has been updated with new material, including a production blog.

The site offers information both in Japanese and English. Below you can see the links to each section of the site:

Biohazard: Darkside Chronicles (Japan-Site)

Biohazard: Darkside Chronicles (English-Site)

Add the sites to your favorites as to keep up with further updates.

SOURCE: capcom.co.jp/bio_dc

NEWS: 23.04.09 New scans & info on The Darkside Chronicles!

Fansite Biohaze has posted new info and scans relating to the latest Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles preview done by Famitsu. Below are the scans:

Here's some of the content they have translated from the original Japanese text seen in the scans:

Famitsu Article: Biohazard: Darkside Chronicles

Page 278

(Picture of Ada and Claire, top right)
"Joint Combat!?"

(Picture of Claire below the above, and then spreading into the next page)
"A desperate struggle unfolding in the Police Station"

(In the frame showing the two zombies and Leon kicking one of them)
"Cooperative Play: As with the previous game, it is possible for two players to play at the same time. In the picture to the left, there are blue and red reticules. Also, in this game, there seems to be a good number of situations in which we send the players into struggles (QTEs?)."

(Left of the picture of Leon kicking the zombie)
"For the actions, the camera leaves the first person perspective and goes behind the protagonist, showing the action scene."

(Right of the big picture of Ada)
"Ada Wong The mysterious woman Leon meets in Biohazard 2. She says she came to Raccoon City to find her boyfriend, but she actually carries a secret. In Biohazard 2, she only appears in Leon's story, making this game the first time she appears alongside Claire."

Page 279

(Left of the big picture of Sherry)
"Sherry Birkin The only daughter of the brilliant scientist, William Birkin and his wife Annette. Finding herself in the middle of the Biohazard in the city, she encounters Leon. She seems to be harboring something of mystery... This is her first time appearing in the series since Biohazard 2."

(Between the picture of the Licker and Spiders)
"One after another, the creatures arrive and attack."

(Frame showing Leon, and Marvin)
"Important Points Although the game will contain scenarios and circumstances from the past, there will also be new scenarios and content. In other words, there will be stories that deepen the series and broaden the views of the players. We'll introduce two such situations here."

(To the right of Leon in the same frame)
"On the wall of the Police Station, is that a message warning of the danger? Amongst the writing, words such as "Umbrella" can be seen. What does this person want to say, and to whom? For example, this seems to be written by someone such as a journalist..."

(Left of the Leon and Marvin frame)
"In Biohazard 2, Marvin Branagh, who collapsed in the west office of the first floor of the Police Station, we see him collapsed on the fountain of the main entrance hall. Is it possible for him to give us the truth about the incident?"

There you have it. Great job Biohaze!

SOURCE: biohaze.com

NEWS: 17.04.09 Resident Evil 5 sales numbers (March '09)!

NPD has revealed the sales numbers of megahit Resident Evil 5 pertaining to the month of March. Their new data show the sales numbers of both versions of the game available for PS3 & Xbox360.

Below you can see the numbers:

  • RESIDENT EVIL 5 (X360) 938,000
  • HALO WARS* (360) 639,000
  • RESIDENT EVIL 5 (PS3) 585,000
  • Wii FIT W/BALANCE BOARD (Wii) 541,000
  • MLB '09: THE SHOW (PS3) 305,000
  • KILLZONE 2 (PS3) 296,000
  • Wii PLAY W/REMOTE (Wii) 281,000
  • MARIO KART W/WHEEL (Wii) 278,000
  • MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL 2K9 (360) 205,000
  • No doubt about it. RE5 is a certified hit!

    SOURCE: neogaf.com

    NEWS: 15.04.09 New info on The Darkside Chronicles!

    Game Informer did a little preview thing on Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles in the latest edition of their magazine (May 2009).

    Among the new and not so new revelations, we have that the game will in fact include scenarios based on the game Code: Veronica, just as it had been rumored.

    It will also include a new scenario set in South America. Leon S. Kennedy will be the main and perhaps the only protagonist of that level(s).

    Soon Famitsu will release even more info on Darkside in the coming days. Stay tuned.

    SOURCE: neogaf.com

    NEWS: 09.04.09 The RE5-DLC controversy!

    Just wanted to mention the Resident Evil 5 (mini) controversy regarding the DLC for said game and that Capcom is planning to charge $5 for it.

    It has become a big deal for certain people. More so after some reputable sites begun to say that the DLC that includes a new versus mode in RE5 is merely a key. That is, you're buying a key to unlock content already available on the disc you already paid for.

    Things got so bad that the Corporate Officer and VP at Capcom San Mateo had to issue this statement denying such information/rumors:

    Chris Svensson:
    “Keys are 100K or less. It is not a key.

    We have said in the past, it uses assets from the disc (like levels, models, audio, etc.) but the code is new and does not exist on the disc.”

    UPDATE: Some sites have reviewed the new versus mode and the results are mixed. They almost all agree that its fun but they also mention that it feels lacking on some aspects. That is, it is only for those that are used to "tank-like" controls and that don't mind having to stop to shoot. Other than that, it seems to be worth the low $5 price tag.

    SOURCE: siliconera.com

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