NEWS: 26.01.09 Games Aktuell Resident Evil 5 preview!

Games Aktuell has released one hell of a preview of Resident Evil 5. They released info that may be considered as spoilers by some, so be warned.

The stages of RE5

The magazine indicates that the whole thing starts in the shanty town area we've seen in all the videos. In that area, you have to barricade yourself inside a building and fight off a huge crowd that is trying to kill you and your partner. Things go south when a maniac with an axe shows up (the Executioner).

The fight continues all over the village and there seems to be no end to it. Eventually you learn that you must keep at it until help arrives.

The next new area you'll see are the sewers. You'll find some surprises down there. As well as a new enemy.

From there you'll drop by the Kijuju sea port. Then you'll visit the local mining area where you'll have to deal with Popocarim. Basically, a giant mutant bat thingy.

Fast forward to a motorcycle chase scene on the Sahara desert. If you live long enough, you end up face to face with a fugitive from RE4 (see image below).

The blonde girl in red

Games Aktuell talks a bit about Allyson, the blonde girl seen in previous RE5 trailers. If you want to read what happens to her, just highlight or select the following text: {Basically, this happens. She yells for help and Chris runs to rescue her. Alas, she's infected with the Las Plagas parasite and you can pretty much guess what happens next...}

RE5 goes PC

The mag also confirms that RE5 will not only be released for PC but that it will happen in the first Q4 of '09.

Jill Valentine... dead?

Select the following text: {The magazine states that the game begins with Chris dealing with the sad memory of Jill Valentine's death.}

Limited Action

The writers at Games Aktuell complained long and hard about the hybrid nature of RE5. It tried to be similar to Dead Space and Gears of War but never went all the way. That made them feel a bit disappointed about not being able to move while shooting or being able to punch or hit things without having to wait for the action button to flash on screen. Well, I guess they'll just have to deal with that.

I think that's enough spoilers for now...

SOURCE: Resident Evil Horror

NEWS: 26.01.09 More RE5 wallpapers and art!

The official Resident Evil 5 just won't stop giving away free cool stuff. This is just a reminder that you should keep visiting the site on a regular basis. Below you can see some of the new material you can get there:

Official art has also hit the web. Below you can see a pic of Ozwell E. Spencer. That's right, he looks like a typical Wii owner (thassa joke!).

A link to the official RE5 is included below.

Resident Evil 5 Site

SOURCE: Resident Evil 5 Site

NEWS: 26.01.09 Spanish Magazine RE5 preview!

Spanish gaming magazine Hobby Consolas has published a new Resident Evil 5 preview in their latest issue.

The publication, claims that Sheva tags along with Chris for a good chunk of the game. And it seems that only Sheva can gain access to certain areas that appear to be off-limits to Chris.

The magazine mentions a few secondary characters. Such as Josh Stone who is the leader of Delta Squad and mad scientist Irving, who the main protagonists are trying to capture during the first part of the game. The preview also includes some nifty screenshots that may be new to some.

Not everything is brand new, though. Hobby Consolas offers some info that was already covered by other publications days and weeks before. Like being able to use vehicles and the different modes of gameplay.

Something worth mentioning about the preview, is that the editors felt the need to write down their opinion of RE5. They basically think the game is extremely similar to RE4. So many gameplay elements have been lifted directly from the last entry of the series that they branded RE5 as a hi-def "remake" of RE4. But before you get the wrong idea, they believed that such elements were good to begin with and had been vastly improved upon. So there.

For a quick look at the scans of the magazine, just follow the link below:


SOURCE: Resident Evil Center

NEWS: 26.01.09 RE5 demo is now available!

The Resident Evil 5 demo for people living outside of Japan is currently available for download. Well, if they happen to own a Xbox 360 that is. The PS3 version of the demo will take a bit longer to be released (a week).

Xbox Live Gold members need only to follow the link below to start things going:


The demo's size is 473MB.

SOURCE: majornelson.com

NEWS: 22.01.09 Resident Evil 5 News update (January '09 - Vol. I)!

Here we go with yet another news update related to the game that will totally own 2009, Resident Evil 5... read on!

RE5 Cutscenes Director interview
There is this new interview exclusive to Fidgit.com with Jim Sonzero, who is the man in charge of creating all the cinematic cutscenes included in RE5.

The interview touched a few issues, including the controversy about RE5 being racist...

Jim Sonzero: "There were some rumblings about it being racist or whatever, but it's set in Africa and there's going to be proportionally more black zombies than white zombies.

It if was set in South America, or like Resident Evil 4, you'd see more Latinos. And it was balanced in terms of casting a black female lead.

I don't feel there was anything wrong with it...I was a little concerned myself when I first saw the concept, but when I saw how it was balanced out, and when I saw the actual realities of the story, it made sense".

Mr. Sonzero also mentioned that he had to tone down the "cheese" factor present in the original script handed to him by the Japanese writers. The script included 48 scenes (martial arts sequences, horror sequences and dramatic sequences) that made up for almost an hour of content.

He also explained the truth about the generic enemies known as Majini.

Jim Sonzero: "The new version of the zombies are not dead, but they are infected with a virus. It's like a strange parasite that lives in their spinal cord, the majini. So they're not really dead. When you blow their heads off, a giant scorpion...thing...is exposed as what's inside them. How it's passed from one majini to another is by taking this parasite and forcing it down someone throat. It's an evolution for the zombies".

The director also let out of the bag some details about Albert Wesker. It seems that this character is doing the typical evil-guy thing this time around. Wesker is trying to unleash a virus to the world and the good guys try to stop him. See? The typical stuff that would make Dr. Evil proud.

The source of this news bit is below:

Interview: Jim Sonzero

RE5 Limited Edition Strategy Guide
"Hardcore" gamers who are looking to beat RE5 within a day or two, rejoice! EBgames is currently taking pre-orders of Prima Publishing's Limited Edition and Official Resident Evil 5 Strategy Guide.

This one of a kind guide has a RE5 dedicated hardcover and includes behind-the-scenes content. Making it a true collectors edition.

It comes packaged with a unique Resident Evil calendar that begins in March to coincide with the game release; this 8 x 9, 12-month calendar features stunning artwork as well as Resident Evil dates and trivia.

The guide itself consists of a walkthrough with area maps detailing mandatory action on the left-hand page and advanced data secrets on the right. The Walkthrough is designed for the highest difficulty level and applicable to all difficulty settings.

EBGames is selling the guide for $29.99. Check out the link below for more info:

RE5 Limited Edition Strategy Guide

Famitsu releases new RE5 screenshots
Famitsu has made public a small batch of new RE5 screencaps. The screens depict the ruins scenario including some of the enemies from the same area.

Click the thumbnails below to see the screens.

Experience Kijuju
Resident Evil 5's official page continues to offer new content. This time around, we have a "blog" written by some dude named Adam. This guy works at the mines located in Kijuju and he gives us a first hand account of life in said location.

So far, the best piece of information that Adam has delivered to us fans, is the identity of the mysterious blonde girl seen in some of the trailers. It turns out that she's basically a new character named Allyson and who is tied sentimentally to some other character.

The blog is part of Capcom's viral campaign and the more people visit it, the more information that the company will release to it's readers. So do yourself (and us) a favor and visit the link below:

Experience Kijuju (Blog)

That's about it for now!

SOURCES: kijuju.blogspot.com, Famitsu, GameTrailers, etc.

NEWS: 06.01.09 Resident Evil 5 News update (Dec.08 - January 09)!

This is an update related to Resident Evil 5 and covers some news bits that came out in the last week of 2008 and on the first week of 2009.

RE5 "premium" bundles
famitsu.com reports that a special Resident Evil 5 bundle will be released exclusively for the Xbox 360 and PS3 in Japan.

The Xbox 360 bundle includes:
  • Xbox 360 Premium game console.
  • Biohazard 5 Deluxe Edition game.
  • Biohazard 5 Selection Track soundtrack CD.
  • 48-hour Xbox Live Gold membership card.
  • Code for a Biohazard 5 Premium Theme.
  • The PS3 bundle includes:

  • (80GB) PS3 console with a Tricell logo.
  • 2 DualShock Controllers.
  • Biohazard 5 game.
  • On a related note, Play-Asia is accepting pre-orders from those looking to get their hands on Resident Evil 5 Collector's Edition for either the PS3 or the Xbox 360. The games are NTSC compatible.

    Use the links below to get more info:

    Resident Evil 5 Collector's Edition (PS3)

    Resident Evil 5 Collector's Edition (360)

    New RE5 trailers and media
    Gametrailers has released a new RE5 trailer that shows Chris and Sheva with another character named Josh.

    The trailer is available by following the link below:

    RE5 (gametrailers)

    IGN also has some new RE5 media at their site. Just click the link below:


    1-UP is also trying to 1-up the competition with a trailer of their own. Click the link...

    RE5 Refinery (1-up)

    X-play has released some detailed videos that show some of the levels from the game. Check them out below:

    Video RE5 (Stage 1)

    Video RE5 (Stage 2)

    Video RE5 (Stage 3)


    RE5 related interview
    worthplaying.com published a new interview with Capcom's marketing director, Mike Webster.

    There's really nothing relevant in this interview. But maybe you'll find something worth a look. Use link below:

    Interview Worthplaying

    PS3 RE5 Trophies List revealed!

    The forum at ps3trophies.co.uk has published a list that includes all the trophies that owners of the PS3 version of RE5 will be able to get in said game.

    The list may contain some spoilers, so if you can tolerate them, check them out by way of this link:

    PS3 Trophies

    SOURCES: IGN, Worthplaying, famitsu, etc.

    . News Archive from 2008...



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