NEWS: 10.12.08 RE5's official site is ALIVE!

Resident Evil 5's official website is getting a lot of updates recently. Basically, you have to stay on yout toes and keep checking it out now and then.

Anywhoo, on said site there is a "wall" where the following words can be read:

  • Progenitor Virus
  • Las Plagas
  • Sheva knew
  • Wesker is a liar
  • Uroborus
  • Where is Ozwell?
  • Raccoon City wasn't the end
  • The Kennedy Report
  • Flashbacks can't stop them
  • Seashell is evil
  • Majini
  • PG67A/W
  • You can find some secrets and unlockable stuff by visiting the site. Just click on this link here:

    Official RE5 site: Kijuju

    NOTE #1: You are required to use a password when you activate number 1 on the site. The password is: refinery.

    NOTE #2: One of the unloackable videos, can be seen here: GameTrailers RE5 Bat Video

    NOTE #3: A video mixer can be unlocked on the 15th of this month.

    SOURCE: www.residentevil.com

    NEWS: 10.12.08 RE5 News update! (December'08 Edition)

    Here are some news updates related to Resident Evil 5:

    GamePro RE5 Preview
    Gaming mag GamePro published a preview of Resident Evil 5. Here are some of the highlights:

  • It seems that the Las Plagas parasite is indeed part of the problem the people of Kijuju are facing. This is good news for those that were expecting some continuity between RE4 and RE5. And very bad news for those that had wet dreams about RE4 being irrelevant to the series.

  • Among the new non-human enemies, we have some wild hyenas, a bunch of giant crocodiles (not related to the one featured in RE2) and also a big mutant bat (not related to the one from RE Zero).

  • The human enemies include some Executioner-type grunts. Some of them carry a chainsaw (ala Dr. Salvador) while another version of this same enemy swings around a huge hatchet. The editors from the magazine were able to come up with a neat strategy to fight off these freaks. Basically, you get one player to serve as bait while the other player attacks the enemy from the rear. Sweet.

  • There is a guy that goes by the name Irving. It seems you have to find him, since he knows quite a lot about what is going on in Kijuju.

  • If you happen to get wounded by the enemy, you can actually bleed to death. The view of your character gets all blurry as a result. In such situations, your best bet is to seek help from your partner.

  • Playing on solo mode, you can customize your character so she can either attack the enemy or just take cover from their attacks. She will pick up items automatically throughout the adventure.

  • The magazine mentions the possibility that some fans will probably get annoyed by the fact that in RE5 you don't have to worry about keeping count on how much ammo you waste. The game has been pretty much designed to play like a shooter. And you'll always have enough ammo no matter what. Another thing that might upset some longtime fans, is that the sense of isolation is lost by the fact that you have a bodyguard (Sheva) following you everywhere through most of the game.

    But fear not... for the good people at GamePro think that most fans will love the challenge of keeping Sheva alive. Because just like in Resident Evil Zero and RE4, in RE5 you MUST keep your partner alive or else the game will end. They mention the enormous STRESS they felt when they saw their partner near death. And having to run like a madman to save her. Sounds familiar?.

  • In RE5 you'll be able to drive several vehicles. However only one of them (a boat) will let you explore the environments at will. The others will follow pre-determined paths.

  • Inventory management is done in real-time. You don't get to pause the action to choose a particular weapon or item anymore. This should make the game a lot more fun (and realistic, no less).

  • The magazine mentions that around seven 9mm handguns exist within the game. They also saw a few automatic weapons and one heck of a shotgun named "Hydra" that has some amazing firepower. You will be able to use hand grenades too. There also hinted that RE5 includes several (low & high tech) secret weapons.

  • Despite the fact that Takeuchi mentioned that the Merchant from RE4 would make a return (by popular demand) in RE5, the editors at GamePro didn't see a trace of him in the demo they played. So when they wanted to buy, sell, trade or upgrade their weapons, they simply entered a lobby or sorts to do their business. If you're wondering where you'll be able to get the mullah (money) to buy weapons... you'll know that as soon as you kill and enemy. They will all leave money behind. Ka-ching!

  • The old herbs that you can use to create curatives, return in RE5.

  • There are about 2 types of bullet-proof vests in the game.

  • Umbrella Corp has no relation to the new kid on the block: Tricell. And it seems that Umbrella is history in RE5. I guess Jack Krauser was the only hope for said company... and we all know what happened to him, right?

  • Takeuchi gabs about Chris & Sheva
    Wanna know what possessed Jun Takeuchi to turn white-bread Chris Redfield into a steroids abusing hulk? Read below:

    Takeuchi: "We decided that since it's been 10 years since the original Resident Evil, (Chris) would be buffed up a bit. He's a little bit more burly, more of a tough guy than he was before.".

    And in regards to why they included Sheva Alomar in RE5 and not another character (*cough* Jill *cough* Claire *cough* Rebecca *cough* Lisa Trevor *cough*), he said this:

    Takeuchi: "when it came to making the secondary character, we wanted a character who would play off that and be different. So the most obvious difference was to make that character female. We also wanted to make a character who would be from Africa, now the area the game is taking place in, and be a guide to Chris, telling him about the different parts of the world he's not familiar with. So these are the kinds of reasons Sheva developed the way she is now".

    Shinji Mikami won't play RE5
    Shinji Mikami is the estranged father of the Resident Evil franchise and in an interview for OPM (Official PlayStation magazine) he mentioned that he will stay clear from playing RE5. Read below to find out why:

    Mikami: "I probably won't play it. I won't like it, because it's not going to be the game I would have made" He said. "It'll just cause me stress if I play it. I think it could be fun for gamers to play it, but not for someone who has developed Resident Evil games".

    It seems that being an uber-perfectionist, is behind the REAL reason why Mikami will not play Resident Evil 4 Redux (a.k.a. RE5). Consider what he said next: "If I see anything in Resident Evil 5 that isn't done well, I'll be angry!".

    In regards to what's his take on RE5 being somewhat of an HD clone of RE4, he said:

    Mikami: "that's fine, isn't it? I think Resident Evil 5 doesn't need to change the series, but Resident Evil 6 will have to reinvent the series with another full model change or else it won't be able to keep on going.".

    Shinji Mikami is currently working on two games at the same time (multi-tasking guru, will ya ever change?). One will be sold by SEGA and the other one is an Electronic Arts proyect.

    Capcom spills the beans about RE5
    Ben LeRougtel a big wheel at Capcom had all this to say about Resident Evil 5, in an interview for XCN:

  • "Resident Evil 5 has moved away from that survival horror tag that was there in the beginning. It has more of an action feel to it but still the tension is there and it's intensified with the addition of co-op. It's a very different experience".

  • "(Partner AI) is very basic - come here, pick up items and so on. If you, playing as Chris, uncover an item you have one button to pick it up or another to instruct your partner. Actions are context sensitive, so the options will flash up on screen - do you want to do it, or your partner?".

  • "(People that) have played a Gears, a Halo or whatever and you'll be used to a different controls than the classic Resi method. So, in order to allow people to get into the game that much easier there are new control systems - there will be four in the final game. Hopefully people will find something that they're accustomed to".

  • "The inventory system is accessed in real-time (rather than through the pause screen as before) - a 3x3 grid maps to the D-Pad for quick selections. You can also bring up Sheva's (Chris Redfield' female sidekick) inventory to use and swap items. It's all action, action, action - there's no hiding behind the inventory".

  • "There are plenty of those classic Resident Evil enemies that you'd expect to see in a Resi game, but we haven't unveiled any of those just yet".

  • Mr. LeRougtel, also mentioned that the top baddie in RE5 is still under wraps. That comment actually rules out Albert Wesker being public enemy #1 in this game and his role is reduced to pestering Chris, since they have a history together. The top bad guy in RE5 could be anybody... Sherry Birkin, Bird Woman (a.k.a. Jill Valentine, Claire Redfield, Ada Wong in disguise) or even Steve Burnside (nooooooooooooooooooo!)

    And that's about it for now...

    softpedia; the-Horror; Capcom-Unity; computerandvideogames.com; etc.

    NEWS: 07.11.08 RE5 related news (November '08)!

    Capcom said that relevant news about RE5 would be limited these days, yet some of 'em have managed to hit the web. Here are a couple:

    RE5 for PC
    Surprised? C'mon, everybody saw this one coming by a mile. A PC version of the latest installment of the RE franchise was a no brainer. Considering that PC gamers will probably fall in love with the co-op/shooter-like gameplay mechanics that RE5 offers.

    Now let's hope it comes out looking (and playing) a lot better than the RE4 PC version ever did.

    RE5 to sell 3.2 millon units
    In a related note, Capcom has made it known that in regards to RE5, they expect to sell 3.2 million units during the next fiscal year. Its considered that the game will sell that amount of units by combining the sales numbers of the PS3, Xbox 360 and the PC versions.

    SOURCE: Shacknews

    NEWS: 06.11.08 RE: Degeneration related news bits!

    Just like the headline says, here are some Resident Evil: Degeneration updates.

    RE: Degeneration Box Art
    Here's the official boxart for the Resident Evil: Degeneration DVD. Click the image next to this text to see a bigger picture of said boxart.

    The DVD is set to go on sale in Japan for about 4980 yens, while the Blu-Ray version will retail for 5980 yens.

    RE: Degeneration is happening in Japan
    Resident Evil: Degeneration will be sold in Japan in special limited edition bundles.

    For example, one bundle will include the disc plus an action figure of a G-Monster. Only 5,000 units of this bundle will be sold.

    Another bundle includes the disc plus a CD that includes the soundtrack from the film.

    For more information, go... HERE!

    SOURCES: Sony Pictures Entertainment & Play-Asia

    NEWS: 29.10.08 Tokio Game Show RE5 Interview!

    A lot of interviews have surfaced since the recent Tokio Game Show event ended. But since it will probably be a while before truly interesting RE5 news hits the net again, we will post this relatively recent interview courtesy of GameTrailers. Click the picture below to see the video:

    Among the interesting tid-bits, we find that:

  • FTP fans (and casuals) will love RE5's 2nd control scheme a.k.a. "shooter".
  • You get a split-screen view when playing on Offline Co-Op mode.
  • 360 fans will get their achievements fix in RE5 (and maybe PS3 users will too).
  • The Wii might get more RE love in the future (please, no more ports!).
  • RE5 will get it's fair share of mini-games and bonus features.
  • There will be no more "NEW" RE5 info for a while.
  • The main game will take 30 hours to beat.
  • And there you have it.

    SOURCE: GameTrailers

    NEWS: 28.10.08 4th Resident Evil movie coming soon!

    Website bloody-disgusting has made it known that a much awaited (pfft!) fourth Resident Evil movie starring Milla Jovovich is well on it's way.

    Actually, we'll have to wait until Paul W. S. Anderson is done with his current projects before he starts putting pen to paper. He's confirmed to write the story for the the fourth movie.

    Now, it's no secret that most fans of the survival/action/horror series aren't exactly gushin' with excitement over another Jovovich flick. But the fact remains that the series of movies has actually done pretty good at the box office.

    And that's more than enough to motivate Sony Pictures and Capcom to continue making them... Besides, Milla is hot. So why not?

    SOURCE: bloody-disgusting.com

    NEWS: 23.10.08 NEW Degeneration & REmake Wallpapers!

    The official site for the new Resident Evil: Degeneration movie has a couple of cool looking wallpapers based on the film. You can visit the site to choose the one that fits your taste and monitor resolution. Just follow the link HERE!

    Also, the oficial Japanese site promoting the Wii version of Resident Evil 1 (REmake) has a new wallpaper up. You can take a look at the site by clickin' this link HERE!

    Keep checking out those sites since they'll continue to get updated in the weeks to come!

    SOURCE: Sony Pictures & Capcom Japan

    NEWS: 13.10.08 More RE5 TGS '08 trailers!

    New RE5 trailers have hit the web recently. Some of them show aspects concerning the co-op gameplay. It should be mentioned that a split screen co-op mode will be available to play off-line. Pretty cool, eh?

    A couple of trailers from, where else? GameTrailers. Check them out by following the links below:

    HERE and also HERE

    The IGNorant sluts over at IGN have uploaded some neat RE5 media:

    RE5 Media

    And finally, GameSpot offers a nice batch of videos:

    HERE (GameSpot Videos)


    SOURCES: GameTrailers, IGN, GameSpot

    NEWS: 09.10.08 New RE5 Trailer (Tokio Game Show '08)!

    Direct from the Tokio Game Show, we got the new trailer that promotes Resident Evil 5. Check out the trailer below:

    Did you see that last thing at the end of the trailer?... did you see it?...

    SOURCE: Game Videos

    NEWS: 09.10.08 RE5 News update! (October'08 Vol. I)

    Let's take a look back at what's new and not so new in regards to Resident Evil 5.

    Sheva & Excella
    Sheva's face is modeled after Aussie actress Michelle Van Der Water's own mug. Who would've thunk it? In my opinion, Sheva looks more like a Latina than anything else. With the straight hair and olive skin. Capcom should've taken a look at Sanaa Lathan. A missed opportunity right there...

    Moving on to Excella Gionne. She's being used by Albert Wesker, who helps her move up the ranks at TriCell, the new Pharmaceutical corporation that has the potential to produce devastating bio-weapons. In exchange, she gets to hand over to Wesky anything he asks for. Be it new virus data or... something else.

    Excella (probably inspired on an Italian pornstar), is the acting President CEO of the TriCell branch based in Africa.

    RE5 control goes casual
    Takeuchi mentioned recently that RE5 will keep the RE4 control as the default set up. However, he feels that such controls are too complicated for the newcomers who are just getting to know the franchise. Takeuchi describes them as the ones that became fans watching the movies that featured Milla Jovovich as Alice. Y'know, the babe that can take on a gazillion zombies and slap Nemmy like a biatch. Anyway, the game will also feature a "gears" control set up that will make those new gamers very, very happy.

    RE5's Story element
    Jun Takeuchi suggests that every fan (and gamers in general), take a detailed and personal look at past games of the series. Because they can expect RE5 to give some continuity to the plotlines from said games.

    The game will take a look back at the 10 years since the "incident" took place. Centering on what Chirs did during the decade that followed the 1998 tragedy.

    RE5 On-Line related stuff
    Producer Jun Takeuchi mentioned that he got all inspired about adding Online capabilities to RE5 while working with Lost Planet. He believed that said game had made great use of the online element. He then went on to announce to his team that he wanted the same thing for RE5. He pretty much got a high five from every member of the team. They were hyped about it, so they supported his idea 100%.

    During online gameplay you have to snoop on your partner and make sure that he isn't trying to end the game by getting into a confrontation he/she cannot win. You will be able to do that with a mere push of a button.

    Once activated, the camera will change to spy-cam mode so you can check on your online compadre. If he's messing around, just put a cap in his arse. well not really. You actually have to help him/her get out of whatever bad situation his/she's in or else the game goes kaput.

    You'll get to do that even while playing with the CPU. Takeuchi mentioned that Sheva Alomar's A.I. is advance enough to keep up with it's human counterpart. Awesome, dewd.

    No more Typewritters!
    Gone are the typewriters and thus the ink ribbons from past games. If you want to save in RE5, you'll have to travel all the way to the end of the mission you're in or get to the nearest check point. Let's hope they don't take out the Pause button or we won't be able to put arse to porcelain until we get to save the game! (Thassa joke).

    RE5 shorter than RE4
    Yep. The team behind RE5 is making the game a bit shorter than RE4 based on their opinion that RE4 was way too long. And you know them casuals that Takeuchi is catering? they don't like their games too long! Oh noes! Not another reason to hate casuals! (I'm joking).

    Jill Valentine is DEAD?
    In the recent trailer released at the Tokio Game Show we get to see something that hints that perhaps our dear Jill Sandwich has kicked the bucket. However, most fans seem to think that is simply not the case.

    What we have here (they claim), is Capcom trying to pull a fast one. Remember that girl that was seen in a couple of the RE5 trailers wearing a funny outfit and with her face all covered with a beak-thingy? She seemed to be working for Excella Gione, right? Now, do you remember Princess Leia in Return of the Jedi infiltrating Jabba the Hutt's palace by wearing a disguise?

    Wanna bet we'll see somethin' similar to that in RE5?

    That's all folks!... Enjoy the silence!

    SOURCES: GamesTM, POM, Capcom, etc.

    NEWS: 06.10.08 New RE5 info and screens!

    Here are some Resident Evil 5 news bits...

    New RE5 trailer and demo to be available at TGS
    According to 1up.com, a new RE5 trailer and demo will be made available at the Tokio Game Show which will be held from October 9th to the 13th. The trailer is said to last about 5 minutes and will show never before seen scenes that include Alber Wesker.

    New RE5 screens
    Capcom-Unity has released a whole set of amazing looking screens from RE5. If you want to take a look at them just follow the link below. Enjoy!

    Follow this link HERE!.

    SOURCES: Famitsu, 1up.com, etc.

    NEWS: 06.10.08 RE: Degeneration hits the big screen!

    Resident Evil: Degeneration will make its worldwide theatrical debut in Japan on October 18, 2008 at the Tokio Game Show.

    Here in the US, the film will hit a couple of screens. It will be exhibited at the New York City Horror Film Festival on November 13th and at a screening in Los Angeles on November 18th hosted by Fangoria.

    SOURCE: Sony Pictures Entertainment

    NEWS: 25.09.08 New RE5 Scans (with new and improved Wesker)!

    Like always Famitsu releases new and exciting Resident Evil 5 screens and info. Check out the scans below...

    The first thing you'll notice from the scans (aside from the shoddy quality), is the new character model they created of Albert Wesker. He looks a bit more mature since the last time we saw him in RE4 (the guy is practically 50 years old) and has gained some weight (all muscles no fat).

    We also get the name of one of the new characters from the game: Excella Gionne. You may remember her from one of the last trailers Capcom released of RE5 this year. However, she kinda looks like an Italian pornstar to me... Anywoo, the game is lookin' mighty sweet.

    SOURCE: Famitsu

    NEWS: 25.09.08 Resident Evil "REmake" is coming to Wii!

    After selling more than a million units of both Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition and Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles, the big wigs at Capcom begun to suspect that there was a big demand for Resident Evil games on the Nintendo Wii.

    So what did Capcom do to satisfy that demand? Well, a few months back they ported Resident Evil Zero to the Wii. The problem was that they produced a direct port with ZERO extras in it. That motivated Capcom USA and Capcom Europe to ban this game from being released in Europe and the US. Thus, it was only sold in Japan.

    Thing is, RE Zero sold more than 50.000 units in Japan. If you consider that Capcom barely invested any money porting this game to the Wii, it means that they made a lot of mulah in the process.

    That alone made them decide to port another game to Ninty's best selling console to date. The game? None other than Resident Evil (REmake). That's right, the crown jewel of the series is set to debut on the Wii this X-mas season in Japan. No word yet about it's release in the US or Europe. But let's just say that it won't happen if Capcom releases yet another lazy port.

    And yet... I have to admit that the re-release of this game is a good chance to introduce new gamers to the "REmake" and the franchise in general.

    SOURCE: the-horror.com

    NEWS: 23.09.08 Resident Evil News updates! (September Vol. II)!

    The most recent news/stuff about Resident Evil...

    Resident Evil Degeneration for the N-Gage
    Nokia Corp. and Capcom today announced that Resident Evil Degeneration will be released on N-Gage later this year. With gameplay optimized for N-Gage, including two separate play modes, plus multiple mission types and 3D quality graphics, Resident Evil Degeneration is a cutting edge title that illustrates the unique capabilities of the N-Gage platform.

    The game, part-based on the upcoming October theatrical release in Japan full-length CG motion picture of the same name

    New Resident Evil Degeneration Screens
    It won't be long before this movie is seen in millions of homes everywhere. But for now, get your RE fix with these nifty screens from the upcoming movie.

    Click HERE to see them all.

    Jill Valentine "REmake" Tribute video
    Here's a fan made video that gives tribute to the Jill Sandwich character model (the sexy 'REmake' version).

    Click HERE to see it.

    That about does it for now...

    SOURCE: Resident Evil: Degeneration Website

    NEWS: 04.09.08 Resident Evil: Degeneration trailer DVD/BR Specs!

    Sony Pictures Entertainment has revealed the special features and extras that the Resident Evil: Degeneration DVD and Blu-Ray editions of the movie will contain.

    Go to the Resident Evil: Degeneration section so you can read up on said features and extras.

    Just click HERE!

    SOURCE: Resident Evil: Degeneration Website

    NEWS: 04.09.08 New Resident Evil: Degeneration Cell Phone game!

    Capcom wouldn't be Capcom if they didn't try to cash in on the new Resident Evil: Degeneration direct to DVD film. Thus, they are currently producing a videogame based on the movie exclusively for celular mobile phones.

    The game seems to follow the film's plotline, where all the action takes place ina zombie infested airport. You play as Leon S. Kennedy. The metro-sexual super-agent is assisted by his only link with the outside world: the babe with the shades... Ingrid Hunnigan.

    SOURCE: Capcom-Europe

    NEWS: 02.09.08 Resident Evil News updates! (September Vol. I)

    Now read this. This is yet another (very) brief news update related to everything Resi:

    RE5 Controls = Gears of War Controls
    It seems that Resident Evil 5 will do away with the modified "tank controls" from RE4 and will instead feature controls based on modern action games ala Gears of War. This was confirmed by producer Jun Takeuchi. The new controls will be made public during October's Tokyo Game Show.

    New Interview to RE5 producer
    IGN recently posted a brief interview with producer Masachika Kawata. In said interview, Kawata mentioned that they will maximize every audio element within the game. That includes background sounds like critters walking about.

    He also said that they will include some death scenes similar to the ones from RE4. Kawata went on to say that the first half of the game will be action-packed while the second half will be something "beyond the imagination". Puzzle solving will be added to the mix.

    Finally, he said that games with horror elements in them like BioShock & Dead Space are a source of inspiration for him (and apparently for the development of RE5).

    Yatta! (That's it)

    SOURCES: REhorror, IGN, etc.

    NEWS: 21.08.08 "New" RE5 trailer and screens!

    At the Leipzig convention a relatively "new" Resident Evil 5 trailer was released, as expected.

    Problem was, the trailer was basically a rehash of previous trailers already released.

    It did include a few new scenes here and there, though. Being the most relevant of the bunch, a close-up that shows the face of the girl many suspect is really Sherry Birkin.

    Aside from that, I'm afraid that the trailer wasn't that big of a deal. However if you wish to see it, here's a direct link:

    **RE5 Leipzig Trailer

    In regards to the new batch of RE5 screens, European gamesite gamersyde has published a bunch of them. You can take a look at them by following the link below:

    **New RE5 Screens

    SOURCES: IGN & gamersyde

    NEWS: 03.08.08 Resident Evil News updates!

    Now read this. This is a brief news update related to everything Resi:

  • New Resident Evil 5 trailer on the way
    Chris Kramer by way of Capcom's official forums, has confirmed that a new RE5 trailer would be published around the time the Leipzig convention takes place. Material from the new Resident Evil: Degeneration movie would also be made public.

  • RE4 movie news
    In a new interview for website io9, writer-director Paul W.S. Anderson mentioned that if a fourth Resident Evil movie is ever made, he will include an army of Alice clones (you know, the character played by Milla Jovovich?).

  • New Resident Evil comics
    During the nerdfest (a.k.a. Comic-Con) held in San Diego, CA, it was announced that DC Comics will once again publish a series of comics based on Capcom's famous survival-horror franchise. The comics will be published under it's WildStorm imprint.

  • Resident Evil Pachislot site grows
    The official Japanese website promoting the release of that weird Pachinko machine with a Resident Evil 1 theme, has some new updates for you to enjoy. We're talking new videos and art. Wanna see them? Go here: www1.yamasa.co.jp

  • SOURCES: Capcom Unity, DC Comics, IGN, etc.

    NEWS: 25.07.08 New Resident Evil: Degeneration trailer!

    At the San Diego Comic Con, Sony Pictures Entertainment released a new trailer promoting their new film Resident Evil: Degeneration. Said movie will make its theatrical debut this fall in Japan and will be coming to DVD/Blu-ray in North America later in the year (2008).

    Reprising his former role in Resident Evil 4, actor Paul Mercier will again play Leon S. Kennedy in the movie. While actress Alyson Court will once again provide the voice for Claire Redfield, as she did before in the classic games: Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil Code: Veronica.

    The movie takes place 7 years after the Raccoon City catastrophe (1998) and 1 year after the events described in Resident Evil 4 (2004).

    According to the official website: "The Umbrella Incident that took place in Raccoon City was ended with the eradication of the deadly virus by a missile attack ordered by the government. As its operations were suspended on a global scale, Umbrella Corporation stock plummeted. This serious blow to the business giant resulted in its complete dissolution.

    7 years later, at an airport somewhere in the United States. An ordinary autumn afternoon. One zombie is unleashed into this peaceful scene to attack everyone. In the airport starting to fill up with the undead, the horrific disaster is about to be repeat itself..."

    "Resident Evil: Degeneration (Trailer #2 Comic Con)"
    (Sony removed the video that was promoting the movie for free. They want to do all the promoting so better visit the official site to view the trailers)...

    Sony's official DEGENERATION website promoting the movie:

    **Resident Evil Degeneration Website

    SOURCE: Resident Evil: Degeneration Website

    NEWS: 16.07.08 E3 Media Summit: Resident Evil 5 summary!

    A bit lackluster than previous editions, this year's E3 Media Summit at least had something worth checking out. And that was Resident Evil 5. Here's some of the most relevant stuff that was unvailed:

    For starters, Capcom released several trailers of the game. Here are a couple of them:

    "Resident Evil 5 - E3 2008 (Oficial Trailer)"
    This is a new trailer showing mostly cutscenes from the game. It features some new and not so new characters.

    Click the image to go where the trailer is at...

    To see the rest of the trailers (5 in total), please visit GAMETRAILERS.


    Also during E3, there was a lot of talk concerning the game's gameplay.

    Basically, it was confirmed that Resident Evil 5 plays almost exactly like Resident Evil 4. With some new and improved gameplay elements here and there. That fact was for the most part, celebrated by the media. But there was a sector of the media that worried that the game was just Resident Evil 4: Redux. The similarities in their opinion, were pretty blatant. And Jun Takeuchi kept getting asked about that during some of interviews he was part of. Maybe because of those very questions, Mr. Takeuchi mentioned that the control mechanics of RE5 could change from being RE4-like, to be more like the controls mechanics of some popular action/shooters, like Gears of War. How's that for a solution?

    On another note, Jun Takeuchi, mentioned that the game was designed with cooperative play in mind. The game can be played in single player mode. However, in that mode the CPU will take over the second character or partner. And they made it so, because there are some parts of the game that will be simply unpassable without the two main protagonists helping each other out. In Co-Op mode, at any moment of the game a human character can jump in and become part of the adventure. Pretty neat, eh?

    Almost everything concerning Chris Redfield's partner was revealed. The name of this new character is Sheva Alomar. She was born in Africa and is an agent in the West African branch of the B.S.A.A. which is the same organization Chris is working for. Sheva is not only good with guns but is also very skilled at hand-to-hand combat. She was caught up in a bio-terror incident and grew extremely hateful of terrorism.

    By the way, B.S.A.A. stands for (Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance).

    A lot of screencaps were made available at E3, mostly showing Sheva in great detail. You can look at them in the RE5 section here:

    **Resident Evil 5 Gallery

    I suggest that you take a look at all the trailers since they will give you a good idea as to what to expect. There are many of them all over the net. Some are exclusive in nature and they show some new material that is not included in the ones that were released at E3. A good start would be gametrailers.com.

    Oh, and the game has a release date: March 13, 2009... It looks like it's gonna be worth waiting for!

    SOURCE: E3 2008

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