NEWS: 25.06.08 The new voice of Wesker talks back!

D.C. Douglas, the actor who has become the new voice of Albert Wesker, recently replied to the rumors concerning Richard Waugh getting replaced in the upcoming RE5.

In his answer to www.destructoid.com, Mr. Douglas has this to say:

D.C. Douglas:
"can't say anything about RE5 - plot, characters, etc. I just noticed that there were fans who liked my performance a lot, and fans that wanted Richard back. Here is what I can say:

RE5 is going through SAG to hire me. I am union and have an extensive union career (see www.dcdouglas.net)

Albert Wesker is an amalgamation of several actors over the years, as well as what the different producers and directors have wanted. Richard started the character, but others have added to it. When I auditioned for the role, they played a sound bite from Peter Jessop's performance. But in the session, they played Richard Waugh sound bites. Obviously I have my own sound as well. And the director and current producers have a particular sound in their minds, also! So, I have to juggle ALL those balls to give the performance you hear. And this newest RE installment has additional requirements that were quite a challenge and alter the voice some - but I'm not at liberty to say what they are... Just that it's VERY cool.

So, please know that I respect Richard Waugh's work. The role wasn't stolen from him. It was merely the result of Capcom moving post production to Los Angeles (Waugh is in Canada). I also respect Peter Jessop immensely. We have the same agent and I see him occasionally. He was quite gracious".

There you have it.

His answer has been accepted by some fans but not by all. Some argue that if Capcom really wanted to hire Waugh they could've done it.

Anywhoo, this reply also has sparked theories in regards as to what D.C. Douglas meant to say when he said:

"(RE5) has additional requirements that were quite a challenge and alter the voice some - but I'm not at liberty to say what they are. Just that it's very cool"

Wesker suffers a transformation? Your guess is as good as mine.

SOURCE: www.destructoid.com

NEWS: 15.06.08 The real voice of Wesker speaks out!

Richard Waugh, the actor who many fans consider to be the "real" voice of Albert Wesker, during a short interview for zentendo.com, mentioned that Capcom has basically removed him from taking part in the most recent editions of the Resident Evil franchise.

This is Waugh had to say about that and his no-show in The Umbrella Chronicles:

Richard Waugh:
"It's weird because I did the voice recordings for Wesker in Umbrella Chronicles. However Capcom has decided that they want to hire non-union actors in California instead, so my voice was replaced. Which became sort of funny when I heard that the replacement tried sounding like me.".

The actor that replaced him in The Umbrella Chronicles was D.C. Douglas. This same actor is already confirmed to give voice to Albert Wesker in Resident Evil 5.

Want to read more on this? go to the link below:

Fanime 2008: A Chat With the Voice of Evil

Nice going, Capcom. Tsk!

SOURCE: zentendo.com

NEWS: 10.06.08 Resident Evil 1 Slot Machine (Pachislot)!

A short CGi movie promoting a new Biohazard pachislot/pachinko machine has hit the fan...base.

Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine (wearing her RE3 outfit... go figure) are seen in the mini-movie. The same recycles many elements from the 2002 remake of Resident Evil 1 (i.e. the character models and environments).

Albert Wesker appears in the clip and he seems to be reviewing how S.T.A.R.S. members were able to survive the Mansion and eventually, kill the Tyrant.

To see the clip, you have some options. Watch it at the original and official site (recommended):

Yamasa's Biohazard Site
Dale click!
Click the image!

And you can also see it on YouTube (w/less definition than the original clip):

**YouTube: Resident Evil Slot Machine

This whole deal is part of Capcom’s 2009 strategy that involves supporting Pachislot machines. Namely, licensing their most popular franchises for Pachislot use.

Yamasa, who also worked with Koei to bring Sengoku Musou (Samurai Warriors) into Pachislot parlors, is developing the machine.

If you want to check out Yamasa's official page, use the link below:

**Yamasa's Official Biohazard Pachislot page

SOURCE: REhorror.net & yamasa.co.jp

NEWS: 04.06.08 Captivate 2008 summary!

Captivate 2008 has come and gone. What did RE fans got out of said event? Well, we got several screenshots, we got a nifty trailer and... we got a ton of questions as a result.

Producer Jun Takeuchi was patient enough to answer most of the questions coming from the press. Here's a summary of what Takeuchi had to say about Resident Evil 5:

1.- The game is 60% finished. They hope to release the game early in 2009 (before March 31st, 2009).

2.- The game takes place in Africa because it's considered the birthplace of humanity and of the Progenitor virus.

3.- Like RE4 and Code: Veronica, the game will be quite long. Over 20 hours long.

4.- Resident Evil 5 will look and control a lot like RE4. The gameplay/shooting mechanics and the weaponry effects are practically identical as in the last game. However, Takeuchi tried to drive home the point that RE5 was different from RE4 in many other ways.

5.- Interplay between light and dark would be a major part of the game. However, the heat mechanic concept (where Chris would wear out if he didn't cool down), has been scrapped.

6.- The game includes enemies from other races other than black Africans. This was not done because they were trying to be politically correct. But because Africa actually does have a wide range of races and peoples. And the game will reflect that diversity.

7.- The African village seen in the trailers will be about four times the size of the village at the start of Resident Evil 4.

8.- Switching weapons in real-time will be possible. However, they haven't decided if an inventory system will be employed.

9.- Like in RE4, players will be able to upgrade weapons. Takeuchi admits that many people liked the "Merchant" but cannot say if he will make a return in RE5.

10.- Resident Evil 5 will actually have more action elements than RE4 did. Takeuchi confirmed that "Quick Time Events" will make a return.

Finally, Jun Takeuchi promised that more would be revealed at this years E3. Including more details on Sleva (Sheva?).

SOURCE: GameSpy/Gametrailers

NEWS: 31.05.08 NEW Resident Evil 5 trailer!

The new Resident Evil 5 trailer has been released. You can either see it at gametrailers or simply download this FLV high definition video file.

**DOWNLOAD: HD Resident Evil 5 Trailer (May 31st)

You'll need a FLV player to see the video (I recommend you get Riva FLV Player).

You can also see the trailer on YouTube:
**Resident Evil 5 Trailer (YouTube)

Resident Evil 5 already has some official webpages on the net. The links to the two official sites are seen here below:

**Biohazard 5 (Japan)

**Resident Evil 5 (USA)

Some new info from the trailer and other sources

1.- The "virus" that infects people is actually a parasite.

2.- The mercenary girl that helps Chris is an Africa native. Her name is Sheva or Sleva.

3.- The place where the action takes place is mentioned: it's a region of Africa named Kijojo or Kijuju.

4.- There is another character in the game named Josh. No details about this character exist at the moment.

5.- Chris can perform a devastating thrust punch, similar to the one that Albert Wesker had in the Mercenaries mini-game.

The Resident Evil 5 trailer makes the game look like "Resident Evil 4: Redux". However, what the video shows is probably just the tip of the iceberg.

Below you can see official screens from the game...

SOURCE: GameTrailers TV

NEWS: 26.05.08 Resident Evil 5 updates!

Games Radar, has provided a preview that delivers some new info on Resident Evil 5 (none of it 100% confirmed by Capcom, though):

1. As we all know by now, the game takes place in Africa, but the country itself will remain anonymous.

2. The locals are infected by a strange virus that has been "awakened" by a volcanic eruption.

3. Just like Leon S. Kennedy did in RE4, Chris Redfield needs to protect a girl and keep her safe. (Is the girl Sherry Birkin?).

4. The game will be designed for co-op play. It's a 2 player game if you will. Either you play online with a buddy (one controls Chris, the other controls the mercenary girl) or you play with the CPU controlling the other character.

5. Some "flashback" scenarios will be available. You get to find out what Chris Redfield was up to during the last 10 years.

Capcom, according to their recent financial report, expects RE5 to sell 2.300.000 units within it's first fiscal year. The game itself will be on sale in April of next year.

SOURCE: Games Radar

NEWS: 14.05.08 New RE5 scans!

What is becoming somewhat of a tradition, Famitsu is once again the source of new Resident Evil 5 material.

In the latest edition of the Japanese publication, they have a new preview of the game. The images seem to have been lifted directly from the upcoming RE5 trailer that is set to be released soon. You can take a look at the scans by clicking at the images that are on the left side of this text here.

Now about those images...

They reveal a (potentially new) female character. Some argue the images show Claire Redfield, others say that it's actually Jill Valentine. Yet some other fans claim this is a brand new character. Who also appears to be a colored girl (black? latina?). In any case, the identity of the character is to be revealed in the next RE5 trailer (or so they say).

The images also show a blonde girl. Many claim this girl is none other than Sherry Birkin. Nobody really knows this to be a 100% certified fact. However, one thing that has been noticed about this character, is that she looks very weak and small, almost like a child. It would be hard to believe that this blonde girl is supposed to the female protagonist that is set up to help Chris fight enemies. But then again, she could have some extraordinary powers yet to be revealed. We can only guess at this point.

You can also see a character holding a chainsaw ala Dr. Salvador from Resident Evil 4. Not everyone is happy about that, though. Because it fuels the argument that RE5 is merely a RE4 rip-off with a plot line that does deal with Umbrella. RE5 has the gameplay/shooting mechanics from RE4, similar enemies (that hold weapons and even dissolve on the ground, etc.) and the emphasis on action and whatnot.

I say it's too early to judge the game at this point. So let's just wait for the next trailer to make things a bit clear for us, shall we?

SOURCE: famitsu

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