NEWS: 09.11.07 NEW The Umbrella Chronicles trailer and game files!

Capcom has made public a new trailer for their soon to be released game, The Umbrella Chronicles.

You can see the new trailer by visiting the official Japanese website for this game. The link is below:


REhorror.net has published some new material related to UC. At their site, they have 2 new files written by Albert Wesker and Ozwell E. Spencer. The files contain minor spoilers. To read the files, simply use the link included below:

Wesker & Spencer's memos

SOURCE: capcom.jp & REhorror

NEWS: 08.11.07 Preview of The Umbrella Chronicles guide book!

Prima Games has made available a 16 page preview of their guide book for Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles.

The preview includes spoilers, so if you don't want to know about them, you better not download the file than is linked below (you'll need Adobe Acrobat to open the file):

Preview guide book RE:UC (5.82 MB)

SOURCE: primagames.com

NEWS: 08.11.07 First The Umbrella Chronicles review is in!

Japanese magazine famitus has published a review of The Umbrella Chronicles.

4 editors from the magazine, gave the game these scores:


As you can see, the scores that are very positive for a game of this genre. A genre that traditionally does not fare too well with most critics.

In any case, the most important verdict is the one YOu give The Umbrella Chronicles.

SOURCE: famitsu

NEWS: 05.11.07 New The Umbrella Chronicles trailer featuring Wesker!

Behold! gametrailers has made public yet another The Umbrella Chronicles trailer.

The trailer features Albert Wesker battling his way to the Mansion, where he plans to set up a trap for his S.T.A.R.S. Unit. Check out the video using the link below:

Wesker Trailer 2


SOURCE: gametrailers.com

NEWS: 03.11.07 The Umbrella Chronicles Weapons Trailer!

Got some time for yet another video? Head over to gametrailers. They have a new The Umbrella Chronicles video. It features some (not all) of the weapons used in the game.

Weapons Trailer


SOURCE: gametrailers.com

NEWS: 03.11.07 New The Umbrella Chronicles montage videos!

gametrailers has published a new The Umbrella Chronicles video. The said video is a montage that depicts zombies serving as target practice.

Montage video


At the same time, ign.com has made public another video, this one relating to Albert Wesker:

Wesker Trailer 1

SOURCE: gametrailers.com & ign.com

NEWS: 02.11.07 Prima Games releases The Umbrella Chronicles guide book!

Prima Games has made available a Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles guide book.

The guide book has several features like the names of the stages and the names of the characters that are involved in each of them. Also included is a complete walkthrough and maps.

Well there you have it. If you need help with The Umbrella Chronicles, this guide book should make your day. Look for it at your favorite book/game store.

SOURCE: primagames.com

NEWS: 01.11.07 New The Umbrella Chronicles footage (again!)

Maybe you had enough of watching videos and can't wait to play The Umbrella Chronicles. But since that won't happen until Nov. 13 rolls around, paste your peepers on the new videos that gamevideos.com has made available.

Use the links below to reach nirvana...

Video: "Mansion"

Video: "Zombie"

Video: "Streets"

Video: "Power Weapons"

SOURCE: gamevideos.com

NEWS: 31.10.07 New video of NEMESIS (The Umbrella Chronicles)!

wii.ign.com has published a new video that features one of the series most popular bosses: Nemesis.

Use the link below:

Nemesis Video


Happy Halloween!

SOURCE: wii.ign.com

NEWS: 31.10.07 More scans of The Umbrella Chronicles!

Famitsu has published a new preview related to The Umbrella Chronicles. And jeux-france has done us the great favour of publishing scans of the pages that make up said preview.

You can take a peek of them by clickin' the links below...

SOURCE: jeux-france.com

NEWS: 29.10.07 5 New The Umbrella Chronicles gameplay videos!

gametrailers has posted 5 brand new videos of The Umbrella Chronicles. The videos show different aspects of the gameplay and it's content.

Check out the videos by using the links below:

The intro


Head Blasting Gameplay


Scorpion Showdown Gameplay


Zombie Massacre Gameplay


Giant Bat Battling Gameplay


SOURCE: gametrailers.com

NEWS: 26.10.07 New The Umbrella Chronicles gameplay footage!

gonintendo has made public that a new The Umbrella Chronicles trailer is available on the web.

The new footage features Rebecca Chambers & Billy Coen.

Click the link below to visit the page where you can find the video...


You can also find the same video at YouTube:


UPDATE! There is another new video up at gametrailers.com and it shows more gameplay aspects of the game. You can find it using the link below:


SOURCE: gonintendo.com & gametrailers.com

NEWS: 24.10.07 New The Umbrella Chronicles scans!

Famitsu has published new images of The Umbrella Chronicles in their publication. The images feature Albert Wesker plus several old and new characters.

Click the images below to see them full size...

SOURCE: jeux-france.com

NEWS: 19.10.07 New The Umbrella Chronicles trailer!

The official Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles japanese website has posted new material, including a brand new trailer.

The said trailer shows mostly scenes that features Albert Wesker. However, it also offers a few surprises, like a nasty confrontation with the unstoppable Lisa Trevor!

To see the video, just visit UC's official site:


You can also see the video at jeux-france:

jeux-france.com LINK

SOURCE: Capcom Japón & jeux-france.com

NEWS: 12.10.07 The Umbrella Chronicles with Wiizapper & Wesker Report!

Good news for those who are going to buy The Umbrella Chronicles in Japan. It seems that Capcom plans to sell a special "extreme" package that includes the Wii Zapper, as well as some extra items that include a new Wesker Report.

Below you can see the images of the special edition package and the extra report:

It is not yet known if a similar special edition will be sold outside of Japan...

SOURCE: Game Watch

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