NEWS: 11.10.07 Wesker is playable in The Umbrella Chronicles!

The latest issue of Famitsu features images that practically confirm that Albert Wesker will be playable or unlockable. At least during the Spencer Mansion stage.

It seems that players will be able to control Wesker right after he gets "killed" by the Tyrant seen in RE1. He (as a "zombie") must make his way out of the mansion before it blows up. Below are the scans that show the said images...

SOURCE: Famitsu

NEWS: 04.10.07 New The Umbrella Chronicles gameplay video!

Jeux-France has published a new The Umbrella Chronicles gameplay video. The said video was recorded at the Micromania Games Show.

The video shows scenes from Resident Evil 0 (including a fight with boss Proto-Tyrant) and ends with some scenes from the RE1 Mansion.

Here's a direct link to the original article as seen at Jeux-France:

And here's the same video at YouTube:


SOURCE: Jeux-France

NEWS: 28.09.07 New The Umbrella Chronicles interview!

gamepro.com has published a new interview with The Umbrella Chronicles producer, Masachika Kawata.

In the interview, Kawata was asked if he had any plans for on-line functionality for UC, or any up-coming, Resident Evil games. Kawata replied:

Kawata: We'd definitely like to bring online elements into the game; both Umbrella Chronicles and to future titles. We don't have any [definite] plans, though we'd like to.

If you would like to read the entire interview, please use the link below:

Developers want online in Wii Resident Evil

SOURCE: gamepro.com

NEWS: 28.09.07 New The Umbrella Chronicles screens!

Capcom has made public a new set of screen shots from their upcoming game, The Umbrella Chronicles.

Click the images below to see them full size:

SOURCE: Capcom

NEWS: 19.09.07 New trailer and images of The Umbrella Chronicles!

Thanks to the Tokio Game Show event, Capcom has published new material related to The Umbrella Chronicles, including a new trailer and images.

Here's the direct-links to the new trailer:

RE:UC Tokio Game Show 2007 (wmv)
RE:UC Tokio Game Show 2007 (mov)

Here are the new images:

SOURCE: Capcom

NEWS: 19.09.07 Resident Evil 4 for mobile!

One of the big surprises at the Tokio Game Show is that Capcom is working on a Resident Evil 4 version for Mobile phones.

:: Click image ::

Maybe a DS/PSP version could follow?...

SOURCE: Capcom

NEWS: 14.09.07 New preview and images of The Umbrella Chronicles!

wii.ign.com has published a new preview of The Umbrella Chronicles and famitsu.com has published new screenshots of Sergei Vladimir.

Here are the new images:

And here's a link to the preview:


SOURCE: wii.ign.com & famitsu.com

NEWS: 12.09.07 The Umbrella Chronicles info & update!

Japanese publication Famitsu has released new information on The Umbrella Chronicles.

The name of the new character is Sergei Vladimir. He became part of the Umbrella Corp. after the fall on the Soviet Union. Some of the new images within Famitsu's preview, seem to suggest that a power struggle ensues between Vladimir and Albert Wesker.

The weapons can be upgraded by way of a points system. Killing enemies will earn you points. The more points you get, a better chance you'll have to upgrade your weapons.

The game is going to be divided into chapters. These in turn can be broken up into 3 episodes each. Such will be the case with the chapter dedicated to Resident Evil 0. It will take 40 minutes to beat said chapter on the normal difficulty setting.

When you beat the game you'll be ranked using a letter grade system similar to the ones used in previous RE games. Your ranking will depend on how long it took you to beat the game, critical hits landed and files collected, among other things.

It's been confirmed that Resident Evil 2 plotline will not be part of The Umbrella Chronicles.

You can see the scans of Famitsu's preview by using the links below:

SOURCE: Famitsu

NEWS: 07.09.07 New The Umbrella Chronicles screenshots and art!

Japanese website Famitsu has released new images and art related to The Umbrella Chronicles.

The new screens have been added to the Umbrella Chronicles gallery! To see the new screenshots, simply follow the link that I have placed HERE!

SOURCE: Famitsu

NEWS: 06.09.07 New The Umbrella Chronicles scans (Antartic Level)!

Japanese publication Famitsu has released new images of The Umbrella Chronicles.

The images are from the 4th level included in the game. The one where the action takes place at Umbrella's Antartic base.

It should be mentioned that it seems that Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine, are the main protagonists in this level. Therefore it can be assumed that they were directly responsible of Umbrella fall.

You can see the scans by using the links below:

SOURCE: Famitsu

NEWS: 03.09.07 New The Umbrella Chronicles character is unveiled!

The official Resident Evil US website features wallpapers of a mysterious character that will play a major role in Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles.

:: click the image ::

It is not yet known who this character is, but fans believe that it could be Ozwell E. Spencer, the legendary founder of Umbrella.

More on this as it becomes available...

SOURCE: Official Resident Evil Website

NEWS: 03.09.07 Milla Jovovich playing The Umbrella Chronicles!

A very pregnant actress and model Milla Jovovich is seen playing Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles as part of the recent Capcom press event.

:: click the image ::

Notice how concentrated Milla is... she can't keep her eyes away from the screen! Let's hope her new movie Resident Evil: Extinction has the same effect on us.

SOURCE: Kotaku

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