NEWS: 21.12.06 No Resident Evil 5 until 2008... 0r 2009![XBOX360/PS3]

It seems that Resident Evil 5 will take some time before it hits next-gen consoles. European site Gamefront made a translation of a Famitsu Xbox 360 interview, where producer Jun Takeuchi mentioned that we shouldn't expect to see the highly anticipated survival horror game until at least 2008.

Takeuchi boasted that RE5 will run at 60 frames per second and will feature awesome hair textures. He added that different temperatures (hot/cold) would become gameplay mechanics.

This news doesn't come as a surprise considering that the team behind RE5 just announced that they were working on the game's engine and story. And if we think about how hard next-gen games are too make (more so than past generation games), it could happen that this RE game takes as long as RE4 took to make... or even longer. RE5 could actually end up shipping in late 2008 or even in 2009.

SOURCE: www.kotaku.com

NEWS: 03.11.06 Famitsu publishes new Umbrella Chronicles media [Wii]

Famitsu has published new media of the new Wii game, Umbrella Chronicles. It seems that the media includes video and images of certain cut-scenes from the game Resident Evil Zero.

That is quite surprising, considering that Umbrella Chronicles was not reported to include any material from the said prequel. However, it is unknown if RE0 will be featured as an extra chapter in the game or if only certain cut-scenes are to be employed to help the storyline.

SOURCE: www.famitsu.com

NEWS: 02.11.06 Development status of Resident Evil 5! [XBOX360/PS3]

Capcom have hinted at the development status of Resident Evil 5 in a recent interview with Lost Planet (Xbox) producer, Jun Takeuchi.

Speaking to Xboxgazette.com, Takeuchi stated the team "plan to use the same engine" for RE5 that they used for Lost Planet, Dead Rising and Devil May Cry 4.

Considering this decision happens in pre-production, its appears that the game has progressed little since its initial unveiling. This news bit and the fact that Takeuchi mentioned in late Semptember of 06 that RE5's storyline was not yet finished, makes it somewhat unlikely that the game will meet it's mid-2007 release date.

SOURCE: Xboxgazette.com

NEWS: 20.09.06 RE series celebrates 10th anniversary on GCN! [GC]

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Resident Evil series, Capcom has announced the Resident Evil 10th Anniversary Collection! The collection will include Resident Evil 0, Resident Evil (RE-make), and Resident Evil 4, all for $39.99! Capcom has said that the collection will have no added content besides the games.

The collection will be exclusive to EB Games and Gamestop only, and is set to hit their stores October 24th.

SOURCE: www.cubed3.com

NEWS: 18.09.06 Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles details! [Wii]

New information on the gameplay and content of Capcom's Resident Evil for Nintendo's new game console, Wii, has surfaced. The Wii game will apparently be exclusive for the console, and is tentatively titled Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles.

Since the game is still in a pre-production stage, these features are unofficial until confirmed to be in the final version by Capcom, or shown in-game at the Umbrella Chronicles preview that will be unleashed to the public at this year's Tokyo Game Show (TGS).

  • The game consists of 4 chapters or episodes:

    Chapter 1: RE1's Spencer Mansion.
    Chapter 2: RE2's Raccoon Police Department.
    Chapter 3: RE3's city areas.
    Chapter 4: RE4's Main village (+ surrounding areas).

  • Each chapter has 2 characters to choose from:

    Chapter 1: Has Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield.
    Chapter 2: Has Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield.
    Chapter 3: Has Jill Valentine and Carlos Olivera.
    Chapter 4: Has Leon S. Kennedy and Ada Wong.

  • There are some reported characters that can be unlocked by playing through the game. These are not actually confirmed, but include the following characters:

    Rebecca Chambers, Hunk and Albert Wesker.

  • The gameplay of all chapters is designed around RE4. Press the B trigger on the Wiimote to go into over-the-shoulder view, aim with the pointer and press A to fire.

  • All characters will have melee attacks, ala RE4.

  • To encourage replayablility, each character has strengths and weaknesses, similar to how in RE4: Mercenaries Ada had the least health, Krauser was the slowest, etc.

  • Just like in RE4: Mercenaries each character has a unique set of weapons. What's more, players can only carry 2 weapons at any one time. Chris gets a pistol and shotgun whilst Jill gets a pistol and grenade launcher (weapons may change in final version).

  • You will be able to find several new weapons during each stage. For example, RE1 will have Richard Aiken's shotgun, RE2 will have the Desert Eagle, and RE4 will have the Chicago Typewriter. There will also be new weapons like Krauser's anti-personnel robots.

  • Similar to Devil May Cry 3, after each chapter you can save your data and any new weapons picked up will be available for use in Arcade Mode.

  • Arcade Mode is like a giant Mercenaries minigame. No puzzles or story, just pick a character and a stage and blast through it. Building on the resounding success of Mercenaries seen when RE4 was released.

  • Scenario Mode will feature a large number of in-game cutscenes.

  • New content not in the games that the chapters were based on will be added. The primary goal of this will be to link RE4 and Umbrella's status in it more closely with the rest of the series.

  • Ammo conservation will play a part in the gameplay, so it's not just constant action like RE4.
  • SOURCE: REHorror.net

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