NEWS: 05.06.09 Darkside Chronicles Blog update #7!

The Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles blog has been updated once again and this time director Seto writes about what makes Code: Veronica such a special game, and in his opinion, the best in the whole series.

To read the new blog entry, use the link below:

The Impact of Veronica (BLOG)

SOURCE: capcom.co.jp/bio_dc

NEWS: 04.06.09 New Famitsu Darkside Cronicles Scans

Famitsu has unveiled a preview of Darkside Cronicles in the latest edition of their popular magazine. You can view scans of the preview below:

SOURCE: famitsu.com

NEWS: 04.06.09 E3 2009: New Darkside Chronicles Screenshots!

Behold some new screenshots from the upcoming Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles game. Fans of Code: Veronica, rejoice!.

SOURCE: capcom.co.jp/bio_dc

NEWS: 03.06.09 Resident Evil for PSP!

At long last! During the PS3 conference Capcom announced a new Resident Evil for the PSP. This new game is NOT a port or a remake but a brand new entry in the series.

According to Capcom's twitter account, the game is being designed to take full advantage of Sony's new PSPGo. Here's what they said:

"Capcom Mystery Game #2: Resident Evil PSP. All new, designed specifically for PSPGo. A ways out, but an awesome design planned".

Resident Evil: PSP (tentative title) is set to hit the shelves sometime in 2010.

SOURCE: joystiq.com

NEWS: 02.06.09 IMAGE: Jack Krauser in Darkside Chronicles?

Capcom has created some official art for Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles and one in particular depicts a certain character that most agree is none other than Jack Krauser himself. Check out the image below:

:: Click image ::

Using image enhancing software, it is possible to see Krauser's famous scar on the face of the character seen in the background.

If this is true, then there is the possibility that Jack Krauser will in fact be included in the new scenario set in South America. The same that will have Leon S. Kennedy as it's main protagonist. Maybe said scenario will give us more details about their relationship and explain things that were not included in RE4.

SOURCE: capcom.com

NEWS: 02.06.09 E3 2009: New Darkside Chronicles trailers!

E3 is here! And with it came a new batch of Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles videos and trailers.

Below you will find links to the most recent videos online. Including the official 3rd trailer that expands what was seen in a brief 1 minute video previously published by IGN. Below is the COMPLETE Journey Begins video with scenes from the Code: Veronica scenario...

E3 2009: Darkside Chronicles 3rd. Video

And here are two links that show GAMEPLAY footage from both the Resident Evil 2 & Code: Veronica stages...

E3 2009: Darkside Chronicles Video (Resident Evil 2)

E3 2009: Darkside Chronicles Video (Code: Veronica)


SOURCE: gametrailers.com

NEWS: 01.06.09 Resident Evil 5 ships 5 million units!

Capcom has updated their sales data regarding Resident Evil 5 and the official word is that said game has shipped 5 million units. Thus selling more than the all-time fan favorite, Resident Evil 2.

At this pace there is no doubt that RE5 will go on to surpass RE4's numbers as well.

SOURCE: kotaku.com

NEWS: 29.05.09 New Darkside Chronicles trailer!

IGN has released a brief 1 minute Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles trailer that shows some scenes from Code: Veronica that are set to be included in the new on-rails game.

UPDATE: The previous video has been replaced with the COMPLETE version that was published during the E3 2009 event. To see the video, please follow the link below:

Trailer Darkside Chronicles (The Journey Begins)

SOURCE: wii.ign.com

NEWS: 29.05.09 Darkside Chronicles Blog update #6!

The official Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles blog has published another Claire Redfield related post.

This post talks about the character model and how it helps define Claire's personality.

To read it, just follow the link below:

The Gap between two Claires (BLOG)

SOURCE: capcom.co.jp/bio_dc

NEWS: 25.05.09 Darkside Chronicles Website updates!

The Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles blog returns with a new post that is all about Claire Redfield.

For those that were having doubts about the voice-over of said character, the blog has confirmed that Alyson Court is doing the voice for Claire.

To read the new blog entry, just follow the link below:

Claire’s Presence (BLOG)

The Japanese section of the same page has a new image gallery available. To see it, use the link below:

Darkside Chronicles Site (Japanese)

SOURCE: capcom.co.jp/bio_dc

NEWS: 22.05.09 Resident Evil 5 coming to the Wii?

Capcom’s Chief Financial Officer Kazuhiko Abe has recently made some statements that some are taking as a strong hint that maybe a port of RE5 for the Wii could be under consideration.

When asked by Reuters JP about the possibility of porting RE5 to Nintendo's popular game console, Mr. Abe responded by saying: "We haven’t decided to offer it or not".

He also added: "Up until now, after releasing our Ps3 and Xbox 360 games, we have brought them to Wii. Basically, this is the approach we are considering taking".

I think this is a port many Wii users wouldn't mind getting. Unless they produce yet another half-baked job like Dead Rising: Chop 'til you drop.

SOURCE: jp.reuters.com

NEWS: 17.05.09 Darkside Chronicles Blog update #4!

The official Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles has another update and it continues to center around Leon S. Kennedy.

This new post confirms that Paul Mercier is doing the voice for Leon once again.

To read it, just follow the link below:

The Leon of 1998 (BLOG)

SOURCE: capcom.co.jp/bio_dc

NEWS: 11.05.09 Resident Evil 5 sells 4.4 million units!

Capcom has updated their "Platinum" list. This list includes titles that have reached the 1 million units sold or more mark. And according to the recent update of the list, Resident Evil 5 has managed to sell 4,400,000 units.

This impressive number was achieved by combining the sales numbers from the current versions of the game available for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 game consoles.

Capcom expects to sell even more units with the release of lower priced editions of the game and also with the upcoming release of the PC version by the end of the year.

SOURCE: ir.capcom.co.jp

NEWS: 09.05.09 Darkside Chronicles Blog update #3!

The official Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles has been updated again with another post from director Yasuhiro Seto.

This time, Mr. Seto talks about having to reimagine Leon S. Kennedy's character.

To read more about this subject, just follow the link below:

Reimagining Leon (BLOG)

SOURCE: capcom.co.jp/bio_dc

NEWS: 02.05.09 RUMOR: Darkside Chronicles will be shipping in 2010!

According to GameStop we won't be able to play Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles until next year. February 23rd, 2010 to be exact.

Take a look at the screencap below:

And here's the link that served as the source for this post:

Darkside Chronicles (GameStop)

Obviously, none of this has been confirmed by Capcom.

SOURCE: gamestop.com

NEWS: 01.05.09 Resident Evil 5 is coming to PC!

No more rumors. Today Capcom in a press release announced that Resident Evil 5 will be coming to PC later this year.

The PC version of Resident Evil 5 will feature online play for co-operative play sessions over the internet and will also take advantage of NVIDIA's new GeForce 3D Vision technology (wireless 3D Vision glasses sold separately).

Here's hoping that Capcom does a better job this time around than that infamous RE4 port for PC.

SOURCE: gamespy.com

NEWS: 01.05.09 Darkside Chronicles official Blog is updated!

The official Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles has been updated with a new post from its director, Yasuhiro Seto.

To read it just follow the link below:

Darkside Chronicles (BLOG)

SOURCE: capcom.co.jp/bio_dc

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