THE ENEMIES ( Page #2 )

This is the mother of all spiders! It is bigger than regular big spiders and it's ferocity is equally as impressive.

Unlike regular snakes, this one has been exposed to the T-Virus. It lurks around the Spencer mansion looking for prey.

Huge white shark that was kept inside the underground Aqua-Ring facility.

Killer plant of massive dimensions. It's roots have spread below the residence's basement while the bulbous part of the plant keeps itself behind doors on the first floor. To feed itself, the plant moves it's long tentacles all over the residence, looking for an easy prey. This creature is a result of experiments with the T-Virus and exposure to diverse chemicals when it's roots reached the contaminated waters of the Aqua-Ring facility.

This woman has been exposed to every parasite and virus developed by Umbrella. She has survived the inhuman experiments and research for over two decades. Her survival and capacity to heal itself has baffled every Umbrella scientist, including William Birking. When the same experiments were performed on other test subjects, it would always lead to their death. Yet Lisa managed to survive everything. Including an attempt by Umbrella to take her life when she was considered too dangerous. The mystery still remains, as to why this woman refuses to die. There must be a reason...

Code-named "T-002", this is the second version of the creature originally developed by William Birkin. The main ingredient used in creating a Tyrant is Beta Hetero Nonserotonin, the cerebral material secreted when people (preferably when they're still teenagers) are in a state of extreme tension or fear. It was created to become the ultimate killing machine.

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