Detrás de tí imbécil!

Strange Spanish-speaking people who for some strange reason kill people for no apparent reason. These Villagers can wield anything from pitchforks, burning sticks, scythes, axes, hatchets, or nothing at all. These are very basic enemies, but being surrounded by them certainly causes a problem. Their leader is Bitores Mendez and he answers to Saddler, the cult's leader. The most dangerous Ganados, are the ones that carry a chainsaw. These are know as Dr. Salvador and the Bella Sisters.

Muere, muere, muere

Los Iluminados:
Followers of Osmund Saddler's religious cult. They have been infected with the "Las Plagas" parasite and show a more advance state of infection. They have a sick obsession with death.

Novistadors are huge insects that have the ability to bend light and turn invisible. They lose this ability, once they grow wings and begin to fly.


These are prisoners that have been infected with the "Las Plagas" parasite. The eyes of these individuals have been yanked out and they attack their prey by listening to their movements or even when they take a breath. Once they target an adversary, they kill it using their claws.

Regenador/Iron Maiden:
Both of these unfortunate creatures are the results of Saddler's experiments. They have the ability to regenerate their lost limbs, right down to their heads. All thanks to the embryos of the parasite they carry in their bodies, which allows them to regenerate constantly.

These creatures serve as Salazar's personal body guards. They were created in Saddler's labs using human and insect genetic material. Therefore, the Verdugo's can walk up-right and use their upper limbs to carry weapons. They have a very hard exoskeleton that protects their bodies like an armor. Their main weapon is the tail which ends with a stinger.

Glub! glub! glub!

Del Lago:
Huge amphibian that lurks inside a lake. It was originally a salamander that has been exposed to the parasite. As a result, it grew large and it's mouth has been filled with fierce looking tentacles.

El Gigante:
Giant humanoid produced at Saddler's labs. It's considered a failed experiment since the creature has difficulty recognizing friends from foes. Because of that, they have been locked away and only used in extreme cases or in a emergency.

This creature is the true definition of a monster. Not even it's creator, Saddler, knew how to define it. So he simply called it "It". This creature seems to be the result of a perverse experiment where a human was mixed with an insect. However, they are independent creatures that live using a single body. If one were to die, the other theoretically could continue living.


wolf like creatures that have been infected with "La Plaga" parasite. When they attack, the parasite will actually manifest itself through their bodies.

Parasites have found refuge inside these suits or armor. It is possible that inside of them there is a Ganado or Iluminado, considering that parasites need a living organism to feed upon.

Special Forces (Mercenaries):
These were mercenaries that Salazar attracted to the island with promises or bounty and treasures. They were eventually all infected with the parasite and they became slaves to Saddler. Now they will serve him as the army that will one day invade the U.S.

J.J. (Gatling Gunner):
A big humanoid that seems to be a medium size "El Gigante". It is very resistant to firearms and it attacks with a huge machine gun. Despite it's size, these types of enemies are agile and can jump high in the air.

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