THE ENEMIES ( Page #1 )

These are human beings that have been infected with the T-Virus and have become zombies as a result. These enemies can transmit the virus when they bite their victims. They can only be efficiently killed when their brains are destroyed or when burned to ashes. Repeated gun fire can also kill them, but if the brain is not destroyed there is a risk that the zombie could continue to evolve and mutate into a more dangerous creature.

These zombified dogs were running free in the Raccoon forest, killing anything in their path. They apparently escaped from their kennels at the Spencer Mansion, where there is evidence that they were expose to experiments with the dreaded T-Virus. Since the virus increases the aggressiveness of the organisms that it infects, the dogs show this very characteristic. Their hunger for living flesh also has increased and they even practice cannibalism with each other when there is no food source around them.

These dangerous serpents are natural inhabitants of Raccoon Forest. Some of them were employed in Umbrella sponsored experiments. However, they don't seem to be infected by the T-Virus.

These are wild crows that have come in contact with the T-Virus while eating the corpses of infected organisms.

These insects are from the African variety. Commonly known as killer bees. They are extremely aggressive. They can kill a human being in seconds.

In the mansion's greenhouse area, there is a fountain where a strange carnivorous plant has taken residence. The plant has been infected with the T-virus and uses tentacles to catch prey.

This creature is in fact a zombie that has suffered a horrible transformation. Umbrella studied this new zombie and code-named it "V-ACTS". According to their research, when a zombie loses consciousness it begins to transform into a Crimson Head. A zombie's brain must be destroyed to prevent it from mutating. There is evidence that a "V-ACTS" can transform into a creature more terrible than itself, but it has not been confirmed yet.

This creature is the result of combining human and insect genetic material. The Chimera's body is filled with parasites and lice. It's a very agile creature, capable of hanging from ceilings and moving through air vents.

Code-named "MA-120 HUNTER" by Umbrella, these fearsome creatures were created to hunt down adversaries that had become immune to the T-Virus by way of a vaccine. They were to complement other Bio-Organic Weapons designed mainly to propagate the virus. The Hunter was created by William Birkin, who used human DNA and combined it with some reptilia genetic material.

This enemy is basically a giant tarantula spider. It has grown due to the T-virus and seems to be the type of test animals that were used by Umbrella in their experiments. One of their most common attacks, is to spit venom at their prey.

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