Leon S. Kennedy (Age: 28)

After graduating from the police academy Leon joined the Raccoon City special police force (S.P.F.).

He was one of the few that survived the Raccoon City outbreak and it's destruction.

For many years after the terrible incident, Leon worked for a government shadow agency until he was finally assigned to operate under the direct orders of the US President.

Claire Redfield (Age: 26)

Claire was one of the survivors of the Raccoon City disaster. Having to search for her older brother Chris during the most drastic circumstances, forced her to develop incredible survival skills despite her young age.

Claire's life changed when she was witness to the human tragedy that Umbrella had provoked with its bio-weapons experiments. She was determined in bringing to justice those that committed such criminal acts.

So she joined the NGO, an organization that helped the victims of bio-terrorism and medical abuse. Because of her job, Claire must travel all over the world.

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