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What gives? I press F5 and the page takes me back to the index. That's so annoying!!

The reason that happens, is that I used a redirection service. If you got to this site by way of the redirection service (using the URL: http://residentevil.4-all.org/), then if you happen to hit "refresh" or F5, you'll be taken to the index page.

If that happens to you, here's the solution. Instead of using the redirection URL, try using the real URL address:


Now, when you refresh the page (like when some images don't load or something), you will not be taken back to the index.

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Why does this site mostly covers Wii/GC/DS/GB RE games?

I originally wanted to profile the games that were created specifically for the GameCube. Resident Evil ; Resident Evil 1 and Resident Evil 4. I firmly believe that those 3 games were responsible for the new direction the franchise has taken recently. And I felt like making a website featuring those games and perhaps try to explain the relevance and impact those games had on the "rebirth" or renewal of the series.

You can read more on that HERE.

But then I considered giving a little spotlight to the handheld Resident Evil's and also the ports that made it to the cube.

Eventually, the site will cover any new RE games that pop out on other game consoles (PS3/Xbox 360). However, I doubt that this site will go back and cover the games from previous game consoles. Other RE sites already do exactly that and I see no point in trying to compete against sites that already do a wonderful job at it. Like I said before, my point was to simply showcase the 3 games that gave the franchise some much needed vitality.

In that respect, I wanted to be different by making a RE fansite that was mostly about those games and the relevance and impact they had. That was the original plan (it also included creating some RE guides for Spanish speaking gamers). I dunno if the site will stray from that plan and cover more ground. I guess time will tell...

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